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Caroline Orr Exposed: ANTIFA Supporter & Blatant Feminazi in Plain Sight (Richmond, VA)


Caroline Orr is a well known man-hater, open lesbian, and avowed Communist who hates conservatives, men, Christians, and anyone else not in favor of her liberal progressive communist agenda.  She is an avid Antifa loving, far-left, liberal, communist scumbag…Oh, this radical psycho from Richmond, VA is a REAL winner! 🙄 Caroline Orr also supports and defends Antifa; a violent, far left hate group of thugs, who are world known for brutally attacking people they disagree with.

She bills herself as a “Behavioral Scientist, ‘ but everyone knows that the most insane sick people, who have deep-seated problems of their own, choose fields where they try to both understand themselves, and project/gaslight their own issues on to others.  In other words, Caroline Orr is the only one with “behavior issues.”

HAWK Says:  Seeing more and more people like her with each passing day.  Growing followers too.  Totally whacked out of their minds in their beliefs and opinions, thank god this Scumbag and her minions have zero impact on our daily lives.

Caroline Orr is a mentally insane, angry feminazi scumbag who should be exposed for what she is.  Even recently she requested help through Twitter to gain attention from her followers by asking them to call 911.  Instead of asking for support or help at the airport, she instead reached out to her followers on Twitter.  Making herself seem vulnerable and as usual, like many feminazi’s gaining support for the wrong reasons.  Manipulation at it’s finest…


SCUMBAGGED Tip:  People like Caroline Orr cannot be reasoned with, instead, just go about your life without them affecting you and giving them little to attention.  In the mean time, our users will continue keeping tabs on the likes of Caroline (and many others) out there for whenever they decide to get out of line (ie; break the law).



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