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See exposed scumbags from the State of Ohio.
hell on earth

Hell On Earth: A Jail Operated By Demons That Compounds Evil (Cleveland, Ohio)

Regional Director of Corrections Ken Mills & Warden Eric Ivey have masterfully created the perfect "Hell on Earth" at the Cuyahoga County Jail located in...

The Copper Crack Heads: Fat Stevie and John Pettibone (Lorain, Ohio)

The copper crack heads of Lorain are none other than Fat Stevie & John Pettibone.  These bums go around and steal copper out of...
ken mills

Ken Mills Exposed: Cronyism, Contract-Steering & Abuse of Power (Cuyahoga County, Ohio)

Ken Mills, the Cuyahoga County Regional Director of Corrections, has been exposed for cronyism, contract-steering & abuse of power.  An investigation that was launched by...
samual ober

The Cross Dressing Closet Shooter – Samual Ober (Elyria, Ohio)

Samual Ober is one nasty individual who owns not a single thing that is actually his. Over the years he has groomed himself into...

Owner of Six Ohio SUBWAY Stores Exposed: Paid Sex With Employees, No Breaks...

Tino Patel is the owner of six SUBWAY stores located in Northeast Ohio.  As a small business owner he has taken advantage of female...

Amanda Tabor – The Jealous Facebook Stalker (Rocky River, Ohio)

Amanda Tabor is from Rocky River, Ohio, and she has a huge jealousy problem.  If she see's someone that she wants to be with,...
george molina

The Bonnie & Clyde King Pins – George Molina & Jasmine Rios (Lorain, Ohio)

George Molina & Jasmine Rios are the Bonnie & Clyde King Pins of Lorain, Ohio.  George tries to be as low-key as possible but...
Darnella Gage

Darnella Gage – The Village Thot (Lorain, Ohio)

On May 16th, 2017 a incident occurred leaving one wounded and one homeless. Darnella Gage and Christopher decided to split.  Only for him to...
jordan t. massey

Jordan T. Massey – A Desperate & Dangerous Dope Fiend (Cleveland, Ohio)

Jordan T. Massey, a prolific Backpage whore and dope fiend from Cleveland, Ohio, is back at it again.  Most recently she crashed her car intentionally...
armed men

Breaking News: Armed Suspects Caught On Video Robbing Family Food Store (Cleveland, Ohio)

Two armed suspects were caught on video nonchalantly robbing the "Family Food" store located on the corner of W. 38th and Newark.  When entering...




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