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See exposed scumbags from the State of Ohio.
imari maldonado

Imari Maldonado – Lost & Confused Girl Goes Live (Lorain, Ohio)

Imari Maldonado of Lorain, Ohio lives in a fantasy world.  One that consists of riding around smoking blunts, living a dazed and confused life...

Warden Eric Ivey Exposed: Allegations Of Assaults On Inmates (Cleveland, Ohio)

Warden Eric Ivey, of the Cuyahoga County Jail has been at the center of many issues regarding the internal workings at the jail.  Those...

Tom Patton Folds Congressional Bid After Pressure (Strongsville, Ohio)

After facing several extensive and detailed articles that were released on Scumbagged.com, Tom Patton and his constituents finally threw in the towel.  On November...
samual ober

The Cross Dressing Closet Shooter – Samual Ober (Elyria, Ohio)

Samual Ober is one nasty individual who owns not a single thing that is actually his. Over the years he has groomed himself into...

Mr. & Mrs. Grinch: How This Elyria Couple Stole More Than Christmas From...

Thirty days have now passed since the “Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser” where Dean & Rochelle Truskolaski (Mr. & Mrs. Grinch) stole Robert Hegedus's much needed donation...
david bowden

David “Bad Business & Bad Brakes” Bowden (North Ridgeville, Ohio)

David "Bad Business & Bad Brakes" Bowden is from the city of North Ridgeville, Ohio, where he currently still resides.  He comes from a...
bridget dorsey

Bridget “The Dopey Dentist” Dorsey: Food Stamps? Sold. Percocets? Snorted. (Elyria, Ohio)

Bridget Dorsey is a strung out junkie with a serious passion for causing problems in her own personal life and that of those around...

James “Learning The Hard Way” Hrdy (Middleburg Heights, Ohio)

Hey Scumbagged, this guys name is James Hrdy and he must have a short attention span or just a blatant mental defect.  He's continuously...
Woman Beater Luis Colon

“The Pistol Whipping Woman Beater” – Luis Colon (Elyria, Ohio)

Luis Colon is on his way to becoming one of Elyria Ohio's biggest womanizing scumbags.  He was most recently involved in a 30 day...
Marrio Fowler

Marrio Fowler Exposed: A Cheater, Liar, Con-Man, Scammer & Manipulator (Cleveland, OH)

Marrio Fowler is a narcissist that preys on women through social media.  He is most prevalent in Cleveland and Akron, but has attempted to...


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