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View user submitted exposed scumbags from various Businesses around the United States.


Home Businesses
View user submitted exposed scumbags from various Businesses around the United States.

Owner of Six Ohio SUBWAY Stores Exposed: Paid Sex With Employees, No Breaks...

Tino Patel is the owner of six SUBWAY stores located in Northeast Ohio.  As a small business owner he has taken advantage of female...

CenturyLink Internet Exposed: Sluggish Speeds, False Advertising & Class Actions (Lorain County, Ohio)

CenturyLink Internet is being exposed for it's sluggish speeds, false advertising & poor operational standards.  CenturyLink, which promotes itself as a "high speed internet" provider...
Bikers Against Heroin USA

Bikers Against Heroin USA Exposed: A Criminal Non-Profit Organization (Lodi, Ohio)

Bikers Against Heroin USA, a non-profit organization out of Lodi, Ohio, has a long criminal history stemming from sexually based offenses revolving around the companies...

Auto Credit Sales Exposed: Lemon’s, Lemon’s & More Lemon’s (Post Falls, Idaho)

In January of 2018, Kyle McCallihan was in the market for a new vehicle and so he headed out to his local car dealership,...

PlayStation Network Exposed: The Largest Service Scam In Modern History (Planet Earth)

The PlayStation Network is quite possibly the largest service scam in modern history.  Currently, there are more than 110,000,000 paying subscribers, of which 70...

Brian Lanckiewicz, Columbia Fence Owner Exposed: Abuse of Power (Columbia Station, Ohio)

Brian Lanckiewicz, the owner of Columbia Fence, located in Columbia Station, Ohio, has been exposed for decades old sexual harassment practices.   Mr. Lanckiewicz...

Freedom Of Speech Under Fire – Death Threats, Lawsuits & Intimidation (Cleveland, Ohio)

On July 12th, 2017, Scumbagged.com was born.  We created this site with the sole purpose in mind to provide individuals a safe and effective...

#BOYCOTT Brian Griffith & Sheffield Automotive Sales: The Racist Cokehead Convict (Elyria, Ohio)

On March 6th, 2018, Andrea Reed and her mother wen't out car shopping.  Andrea was searching for a vehicle that she could purchase for...

Beau Hill Exposed: The Harbor LIght Executive’s Double Standard (North Ridgeville, Ohio)

Beau Hill is the Executive Director for the Salvation Army of Cleveland, Ohio.  Mr. Hill, a North Ridgeville resident, through his position oversee's tens...

Walmart Greeters Have Turned Into Walmart Stalkers (Strongsville, Ohio)

Walmart is hands down my favorite place to shop.  I love it because it's almost the same as going on eBay or Amazon.  Pretty...




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