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View user submitted exposed scumbags from various Businesses around the United States.


Home Businesses
View user submitted exposed scumbags from various Businesses around the United States.

Botched By Debra: My Simplicity MedSpa Nightmare (Shoreline, Washington)

In my opinion, Debra Tri at Simplicity MedSpa injured me and took no responsibility for her actions. I was overcharged for the procedure she...

Dr. Theresa Boyd “The Crack Smoking Pediatrician” (Beachwood, Ohio)

A 55 year old pediatrician by the name of Dr. Theresa Boyd has been practicing medicine for more than 20 years in the state...

John Tillery Exposed “The MIP Storage Scam” (North Ridgeville, Ohio)

MIP Storage located at 5147 Mills Industrial Pkwy. in North Ridgeville is owned and operated by a man named John Tillery.  Mr. Tillery also...

“The Mass Manipulated Millions” – Cleveland Browns Fans (Cleveland, Ohio)

Cleveland fans are as die hard as they come.  They've suffered through some of the worst sporting droughts and endured unprecedented treatment regarding their...

Area 51 – Censorship & The Future Of Scumbagged.com (Cleveland, Ohio)

The website that started exposing the corrupt and devious individuals who hide behind powerful positions, badges and fake personalities is officially being censored. On...
Harbor Light Saga

The Harbor Light Saga – Flooding, Misconduct & Torture (Cleveland, Ohio)

In new user submissions dated the 4th and 5th of September clients of the Harbor Light half-way house in Cleveland, Ohio are continuously being...
Dwayne White

Dwayne White – The Sociopathic Sexual Deviant (Broadview Heights, Ohio)

Hey Scumbagged this guys name is Dwayne White, he's a 53 year old sociopathic sexual deviant from Broadview Heights, Ohio.  Dwayne has been living...

Attorney Makes False Promises For Cash – Joseph Gardner (Canfield, Ohio)

Joseph Gardner, an attorney in Canfield, Ohio, has been practicing the law for 40 years come this November.  Perhaps it's time for him to...
Byron J. Larrosa

Lyft & Uber Employee Using Service To Facilitate Sex Trafficking (Northeast, Ohio)

A Lyft & Uber employee whose name is Byron J. Larrosa is using the well known ride services to facilitate sex trafficking in Northeast,...

The Horror At Harbor Light Halfway House – Leaked Footage (Cleveland, Ohio)

Update 09/6/2017: New developments regarding the Harbor Light facility flooding again and misconduct regarding staff: The Harbor Light Saga - New Footage The horror taking...