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Suzy Johnson: Spreading Herpes Without Telling People & A Deadbeat Mom (Cleveland, OH)


Suzy Johnson is a 22 year old dead beat mom in Cleveland who was diagnosed with herpes over two years ago. She refuses to let anyone know about this, and only uses it against you in argument once you no longer want to be with her.  She has reported and had every post removed, yet there are screen shots of her telling a few people that dumped her.  Suzy has already spread the disease to two other people because she failed to tell them that she had herpes.  Screenshots attached offer proof as well…

She is the “mother” of a little girl who has disabilities due to her being strung out on pills during her pregnancy with her attempting to kill the unborn child. She was born in August 2017 and Suzy abandoned this little girl after a month of giving birth and never went back to get her. She recently just had a little boy (she doesn’t know who the father is either) and stated that she was ashamed of the race of the baby. She was also caught drunk during this pregnancy in March-June when she was only 1-3 months into her pregnancy (she gave birth December 3rd., 2018). She was seen at many bars also…

HAWK Says:  Well, it seems like the world is venting their frustration out on those passing around herpes these days (see this post for yet another herpes distributor).  Tssk… Tssk…  

Suzy Johnson

She pretends to have her little girl all the time posting pictures that the family that has her sent to make it seem as if she has her.  She has no fridge or working stove in her home. She has no job.  She has no license & no car.  She is a very dirty, infected & unfit mother.  The word needs to get out before she spreads this disease to many more out of spite!!  She has been caught several times offering sex for pills/cigarettes or liquor. Please get the word out so no more of Cleveland is affected!!!

Readers Note:  Some content from this submission was removed.  The reason for removal was due to the faces of babies and children being attached to said content.    

Evidentiary Screenshots

The Bottom Line:  There’s no excuse for this.  Boils down to nothing more than pure selfishness.  Selfishness and self-centered behavior.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Alright so I see we are beginning an onslaught of STD related submissions here.  With that being said, individuals afflicted with herpes need to disclose this condition with their partners and anyone that they have sexual relations with.

Legal Disclaimer:  We can’t help but respond to the variety of comments we’ve read across the web (and in the emails we’ve received) related to the recent submissions from our users that have exposed individuals for spreading herpes.  There is nothing illegal about our users publishing this.  It’s only illegal if the person in question doesn’t have the said disease.   So with that being said, feel free to submit at will regarding anything that is TRUE.  Do not skew the facts, be honest, maintain integrity in your submissions and there’s nothing to worry about.  We’re not here to defame, slander, harass or bully anyone.  Scumbagged is an open, free and honest platform that conforms to the first amendment rights of our readers.

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  1. Here’s my thought on this. If you have such a thing for this person, why don’t you at least say it to their face? I’m not defending anyone or disagreeing. All I’m saying is the people who usually put in all the time and effort on this are coward ass bitches and would never even dream of fighting their enemies 😂

    I mean, have you personally really sat down and ready this yourself? 🤨

    This is overall laughable and makes you only look like a psychopath at he end of this all 🤷🏻‍♂️

    And that’s pretty clean cut I must say so myself 😂

  2. Rebecca Johns weird ass made this article 😂 Bitch got too much time on her hands and be thinking bout this girl THIS hard, that shit weird.

  3. The only thing wrong with Suzys daughter is that she has a dead beat father, I mean sperm donor who got pissed that he has to pay child support. So his wife makes posts like this.
    Funny part is that in accusing Suzy of having herpes, this person is admitting that they have it since she’s sleeping with Suzys baby daddy.

    • Dude why wuld this chick B jealous of you (Suzy) because this is obv you lmao. You said he ran out on you.. but didnt her so technically u dnt have a baby with him u just have a baby… u should be jealous of her Lmao in that sense .. u obv wanted him if u lied about STD. And u obv didn’t gaf about ur kid after you didn’t have him so.. this is all dumb..

  4. Seriously what Mother could do that. Let alone get pregnant again so close ….. Pathetic. Women like this shouldn’t be able to have children.

    • Suzy takes care of her children, so the fact that you believe otherwise is ridiculous. You must believe her daughter has disabilities and she’s ashamed of her son’s race too? Re-read the post and please tell me it wasn’t written out of spite.

  5. Some of dont spread it. Some of us tell our partners then the partner lies and said that he wasnt ever warned about herpes. Some of us cry daily over it and hope there arent any ugly people like you in the world that would say something so mean. Yall some ugly mean bitches…

  6. I know this bitch and used to work with her mom. Her mom would always talk about her and how she didn’t deserve that little girl… If her own mother would say this I could only imagine… wow

    • I know her mother too and she would never say anything like that about her daughter or her granddaughter. Her mom hasn’t been working for a while so please tell me when and where you worked with her? You’re a fool.

  7. I know this girl personally and yes she does have this and no she isn’t the best mother but why expose it. She probably can’t eben sleep at night knowing what she is and what she has done…

    • This girl does not have herpes nor is she a bad mom. Suzy doesn’t talk to anyone or bother anybody.
      She works and comes home to her children.
      She doesn’t buy anything for herself, she spends everything she makes on her kids.
      She had a rocky road in the beginning when she first gave birth to her daughter but she got her shit together.
      The fact that this article claims she tried killing her daughter while she was in the womb is complete bullshit. Suzy used to be an addict and every doctors appointment she got drug tested at. When her daughter was born, the drug tested the baby. Know your facts before you ever try to roast somebody.

      Her daughters sperm donor left her for Rebecca Johns when she was 20 weeks pregnant and she told both Rebecca and Alex that she had herpes to scare them. That screenshot that she provided them with is her cousins to make it seem even more believable. This also happened well over two years ago.
      Read the article again and tell me the girl who made it doesn’t have issues talking down on somebody she’s clearly jealous of. Rebecca is jealous as fuck Suzy has a kid with her boyfriend and went after him for child support. 😂😂😭 And she’s even more jealous Suzy popped out a beautiful baby boy while her son looks like a monkey with a weird ass head shape. 😅

  8. I feel like some of these comments are Suzy girl. because she only got defended by like 3-4 people on the post that got shared on the website. Over 200. Everyone else had a story similar to the stuff on this about her. Kinda hard for her to deny or be defended anyways when the pics are up here with her in them. So sad though I truly feel sorry for her and those precious baby. She should count her blessings some women don’t get to have one let alone two. Smh

    • She does count her blessings baby. She’s had a rough life and will never give her kids the same she got. It took her time to realize how good she has it, but she finally did and is giving her kids the world. Thank you for your concern xo ❤

  9. You can definitely tell all those replies are the bitch this post is about LMAO. That’s so sad she has to defend herself and tell this whole life story nobody cares about lmao. She would of been better off ignoring it 😂😂😂

  10. Brittany Marie I agree.. especially the one where she talked about the girls child. She seems to be the jealous one… so sad I wonder if she knows how she makes herself look?? She expects sympathy because she got ran off on? IT HAPPENS EVERYDAY SWEETY GET OVER IT. Geez what is up with these young girls these days. Sometimes men grow up for certain woman or change their shit and pull it together for certain women don’t put yourself out there like that and just handle your business you’ll look better baby. Right now whoever wrote this wins because you care too much ad give reaction. Don’t give them one and it will stop.

  11. Lmao I’m still stuck on who lies about having a permanent STD and goes that far to prove it?? A sick jealous insecure bitch that thought a baby could keep a man LMAO. And the fact that some comments say wife then he’s called her boyfriend I feel like you got dumped and she got wifed and he put a child in her and made a family.. And that ur angry.. anyone would be. But don’t make ur self look like this. Then you trying to make fun of ole girl son make you look even worse why would she care about ur son if u don’t even have the same dad for him. Why would she care about ur daughter if she basically had his first. Think about it girl and stop giving this chick a reaction. You making her laugh don’t be no clown. Boss up go ghost stay quiet and do yo mommy thang. Fuck this post her him all that DO YOU AND WHAT U NEED TO AND KEEP YO BUSINESS YOURS SO CANT NO BITCH CLOWN U LIKE THJS

    • Bruh lets ignore the fact that she said Suzy’s daughter has disabilities. Lets ignore the fact that she claims Suzy tried killing her daughter with pills & lean? That one screenshot she provided where a guy claims Suzy hit him up for pills while she was pregnant was dude being sawdy Suzy wouldn’t find him any pills or wouldn’t let him fuck. (I have screenshots) Rebecca told Suzy to put cyanide in her babies bottle & her boyfriend told her to take a gun to her daughters head and pull the trigger. (I also have screenshots)

      So before you talk, know your facts and know that there are two sides to every story. Rebecca is weird as fuck being this concerned about Suzy to make an article like this and y’all believing this shit means y’all equally as weird and have as many issues as this girl. Suzy don’t give a fuck about any of this but me being Suzy’s friend I’m not bouta sit here and let shit slide knowing none of this is true.

    • If it’s not true why worry. You making you and your friend look bad and that’s not cool for her lol Ignore a bitch and they leave you alone. Y’all giving a reaction trying to make her look bad makes y’all look worse cause it make it seems like she right. You’ll learn one day

  12. This girl got you on here telling your life story explaining yourself and honestly making yourself look weird and jealous. Don’t give her that satisfaction smh.. y’all young and dumb.

  13. This girl is pathetic. Look at her explaining herself pretending to be someone. What sicko pretends to have herpes to scare someone off from someone else. From the comments it’s obviously didn’t work if they got a family now. If you’re still that upset over it get counseling you need help. Pussy so good got you left and now you faked herpes and got exposed and mean while they unaffected and not even thinking about you. You need to think boo cause u look dumb

  14. Bro wtf did I read.. this chick just got exposed on another page for some other shit… u can tell she was commenting on this trying to defend herslef lmao especially talki About another kid.. she needs help lmao someone get her some milk yo

    • Why is this still up? If she did have herpes, that’s her business. You don’t know about the hippa law? This shit is illegal as fuck.
      But thanks for making her famous she said. 🥰

  15. Hey, so Ms. Suzy messaged my son want ti have sex with him for $70 BECAUSE she is dope sick, so yeah she’s nasty!!!! I REALLY want to talk to.the person who posted this


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