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Holy Mother of Meth: 1,195 Summit County Meth Lab’s Exposed (Summit County, OH)


Summit County, Ohio – Task Force Commanders throughout Ohio and surrounding states continue to note methamphetamine trafficking and usage. Targeting precursor chemicals used to manufacture meth has shown to reduce meth sites not only in Summit County but throughout Ohio as well. This is evidenced in Summit County by the following statistics.  In 2000, there were no seizures of clandestine methamphetamine lab sites.  In 2001, the Clandestine Methamphetamine Response Team dismantled 16 lab sites. In 2002, the team dismantled 22 lab sites.  In 2003, the team dismantled 60 clandestine lab sites. In 2004, the team dismantled 126 sites.  In 2005, the team dismantled 115 sites, and in 2006 the team dismantled 57 sites; a reduction just over 50 percent. During 2007, methamphetamine site discoveries have continued to decline, as the team located and dismantled 48 sites. The State of Ohio observed a reduction of approximately forty percent.

Health officials are researching the long-term physical and mental health effects of methamphetamine usage.  There are clear indicators that methamphetamine use can result in permanent cognitive damage, and physiological distress. Rehabilitation is a difficult, intense, long term process. Care providers report that recovery is limited to approximately ninety percent of the addicts former self.

From a task force perspective clandestine methamphetamine laboratory cases are extremely expensive, manpower intensive and pose a serious health risk to investigators and those officers charged with the dismantling of these sites.

Summit County, Ohio.

The Definitions

Lab Site: A lab site contains the chemicals and apparatus required to manufacture methamphetamine. These sites may be active or inactive at the time of discovery. In any case a lab site would indicate use and chemical contamination should be suspected.

Box Lab: A box lab consists of the apparatus and chemicals used to manufacture methamphetamine but it is in a stored state and generally not in use. These are often encountered in vehicles where they are in transit to an area where manufacturing will occur or returning from a manufacturing process to be stored until the next cook. They have also been found in residences, garages, storage facilities, and outbuildings. Because they have been utilized in illicit manufacture of methamphetamine contamination should be suspected.

Chemical Cache: A Chemical cache exists where a storage of chemicals used in the manufacture of methamphetamine are located. This may include solvents, acids, bases, pseudoephedrine products, and pseudoephedrine extraction. Chemical caches have been located in residences, vehicles, outbuildings, garages and anywhere where the chemicals can be stored out of view. Because the chemicals may have been used at a lab site contamination should be suspected.

Dump Site: A dump site is a location where methamphetamine manufactures throw away waste materials that have accumulated as a result of their activities. Dump sites may include apparatus, including gas generators, tanks used for the theft and storage of anhydrous ammonia, plastic tubing, filters, empty chemical containers, empty boxes of pseudoephedrine products, matchbooks and other hazardous lab wastes. Dump sites have been located in the front yard of residences, along roadways, in parks and playgrounds, and dumpsters of businesses where lab operators indiscriminately get rid of their lab wastes to maintain their clandestine operations. Due to the haphazard manner in which the labs are disposed the potential for chemical reactions at dump sites is extremely high.

Readers Note: All apparatus and or chemicals required to manufacture methamphetamine need not be present for the site to be categorized as a lab or box lab.

Holy Mother of Meth

The full list below spans over more than a decade’s worth of meth lab’s that have been dismantled all the way up until almost a year ago.  Some of which are still listed as active meth lab’s which really put’s into perspective just how big of an issue methamphetamine is in Northeast Ohio.

Download: FULL LIST, Summit County Meth Labs (Excel)

Disclaimer:  The Summit County Sheriff’s Office makes every effort to ensure the information regarding the methamphetamine labs below is current.  However, due to the fact that there may be on-going criminal investigations regarding the location of methamphetamine labs, the Summit County Sheriff’s Office makes no expressed or implied guarantee concerning the accuracy of this information. Changes may be made at any time and without notice.  The Summit County Sheriff’s Office assumes no liability for damages, directly or indirectly, as a result of errors, omissions or possible discrepancies.

Anyone who uses information contained in this database to commit a criminal act against another person is subject to criminal prosecution. If you have information regarding a methamphetamine lab, please contact the Summit County Drug Unit at (330) 643-2170.

DateDU Case NoAddressCityZipDetails
12-1631071 Lane AveAkronmeth lab
1420 Main Street #415Cuyahoga Falls442212001
212 Ravenshollow DriveCuyahoga Falls442212001
2805 Northland StreetCuyahoga Falls442212002
730 Broad StreetCuyahoga Falls442212002
4222 Smokerise DriveStow442242001
1779 S Munroe Falls AvenueTallmadge442782001
485 Fuller AveAkron443062001
1301 Pitkin AvenueAkron443102001
429 1/2 Spicer StreetAkron443112001
3237 1/2 S Arlington RoadGreen443122001
2347 E Waterloo RoadSpringfield Twp443122001
3237 S Arlington RoadGreen443122001
2351 Edwin StreetAkron443142001
1605 Corporate Woods ParkwayGreen446852001
2001-06-18DU-318326 Trigonia AvenueAkron44302Lab
2001-07-13DU-3501605 Corporate Woods ParkwayGreen44685Lab
2001-10-26DU-432484 Inman StreetAkron44306Chemical Dump Outside
2001-11-16DU-04461179 S. MunroeTallmadge44278Chemical only
2001-11-28DU-0457341 ParaAkron44305Lab
2002-03-19DU-5254967 21st Street S.W.Norton44203Lab
2002-07-17DU-06093053 Barber RoadNorton44203Lab
2002-10-23DU-0673409 Rexford AvenueAkron44314Lab
2002-12-01DU-0694650 Spicer StreetAkron44311Lab
2002-12-11DU-07012270 Winter Pkwy #1Cuyahoga Falls44221Lab
2002-12-23DU-0706970 Concord AvenueAkron44306Chem/Glassware Equipment
2003-01-03DU-07113980 # A Massillon RoadAkron44685Lab
2003-01-17DU-0721465 E. Turkeyfoot Lake RoadGreen44685Meth Lab Apartment
2003-01-18DU-07221605 Corporate Woods ParkwayGreen44685Meth Lab Hotel/Motel
2003-02-01188 E Park BlvdAkron44305Lab
2003-03-15DU-0753655 Oxford AvenueAkron44310Meth Lab Residential
2003-03-30DU-07632490 S. Arlington RoadCoventry Twp44312Box Lab
2003-04-17DU-077128 E. Mapledale AvenueAkron44301Box Lab
2003-05-09943 South Arlington StreetAkron44306Box Lab
2003-05-09South Arlington Road and East Archwood AvenueAkron44306Box Lab
2003-05-09888 Davies StreetAkron44306Box Lab
2003-05-10305 E IdoAkron44301Box Lab
2003-05-22363 Beck StreetAkron44281Lab
2003-05-28843 Minota StreetAkron44306Lab
2003-05-30194 Pocantico AvenueAkron44312Lab
2003-07-16DU-08264936 South Arlington A-9Green44720Lab
2003-07-24DU-08373782 North Hampton RoadCuyahoga Falls44223Lab
2003-07-2733 Dangle AvenueSpringfield Twp44312Lab
2003-08-01980 Lovers laneAkron44306Lab
2003-08-03Devalera StreetAkron44310Abandon Lab
2003-08-12735 Neal RdSpringfield Twp44312Lab
2003-08-19DU-0854282 North AvenueTallmadge44278Lab
2003-08-19DU-08531551 Front StreetLakemore44312Lab
2003-08-29393 Montrose AvenueAkron44310Lab
2003-09-051090 Graham Road CircleCuyahoga Falls44224Abondon Lab
2003-09-071079 Brittian RoadAkron44310Lab
2003-09-15944 Shoshone AvenueAkron44305Lab
2003-09-23794 Tyron AvenueAkronLab
2003-09-25DU-0881600 Parkside Terrace,Tallmadge44278Lab
2003-09-27DU-08821638 Wooster Road WestBarberton44203Lab
2003-10-172465 Canfield RoadSpringfield Twp44312Chemicals only
2003-10-18DU-08991436 4th StreetLakemore44312Lab
2003-10-30DU-0908378 Wonderlake DriveGreen44319Lab
2003-11-07DU-0918378 Wonderlake DriveGreen44319Lab
2003-11-161608 Norlidge RoadAkron44305Chemicals Only
2003-11-16DU-09273200 South Arlington Road stopGreen44312Chemicals Only
2003-11-19DU-0930454 Seasons RoadStow44224Lab
2003-12-09776 Roselawn AvenueAkron44306Lab
2003-12-16DU-0943364 Ido AvenueAkron44301Lab
2003-12-212480 Newton StreetAkron44305Lab (fire)
2003-12-21DU-0944499 South Columbine AvenueSpringfield Twp44312Lab (fire)
2004-01-012056 17th StreetAkron44223Box Lab
2004-01-05I-76 @ Barber RoadNorton44223Box Lab (Chemicals)
2004-01-05313 Baird StreetAkron44311Lab (3 Lab/2 Box)
2004-01-05DU-09482561 Edwin AvenueAkron44314Lab
2004-01-07DU-0955670 McKinley StreetAkron44306Lab
2004-01-12DU-09602178 Killian RoadSpringfield Twp44312Lab
2004-01-14364 Rankin AvenueAkron44311Extraction Lab (pseudo)
2004-01-19DU-09672259 5th Street SWAkron44314Lab
2004-01-23DU-09732865 Linwood RoadSpringfield Twp44312Lab
2004-01-28DU-0972634 EssexAkron44306Lab
2004-01-29DU-09753773 State RoadCuyahoga Falls44223Lab
2004-02-01DU-09742873 South Arlington Road #302Springfield Twp44312Lab Hotel/Motel
2004-02-062152 8th StreetAkron44221Components/ Chemicals
2004-02-0699 E MapledaleAkron44301Box/Components (glass, etc)
2004-02-12276 Palmetto AvenueAkron44301Lab (Fire)
2004-02-22359 Rexford StreetAkron44314Lab
2004-03-03DU-09902161 Canton RoadSpringfield Twp44312Lab
2004-03-0467 West AvenueTallmadge44278Box Lab
2004-03-041128 East Avenue #8Tallmadge44278Box Lab
2004-03-04DU-0994166 LakotaCoventry Twp44319Lab
2004-03-072159 12th StreetAkron44223Lab
2004-03-08176 Hunter AvenueMunroe Falls44262Lab
2004-03-14275 South High StreetAkron44308Abandon Lab
2004-03-19DU-10053237 South Arlington RoadGreen44312Lab
2004-03-221113 Kohler AvenueAkron44314Box Lab
2004-03-24112 Gum StreetBarberton44203Lab
2004-03-24196 Kenmore BlvdAkron44301Reminants
2004-03-24508 Harvey AvenueAkron44314Reminants/ Chemicals
2004-04-05Kentucky Avenue @ East AvenueAkron44314Box Lab
2004-04-07277 Kenmore BlvdAkron44301Lab
2004-04-10DU-10172811 South Arlington RoadSpringfield Twp44312Chemical & Equipment
2004-04-11DU-10185215 Dailey RoadFranklin Twp44319Lab
2004-04-12DU-10201059 Lexington AvenueAkron44310Lab
2004-04-12944 Oregon StreetAkron44314Lab (3 Juveniles)
2004-04-14DU-1022637 E. Cassell RoadBarberton44203Lab
2004-04-14DU-10211316 W. Waterloo RoadAkron44314Lab (3 Juveniles)
2004-04-19DU-102355 Adolph StreetAkron44304Lab
2004-04-19Bethany Street @ Wellington AvenueAkron44305Box Lab
2004-04-2045 E Boston Mills RoadBoston Heights44236Box Lab
2004-04-22192 E Ido StreetAkron44301Lab
2004-05-05DU-10393799 Dick StreetMogadore44260Lab
2004-05-102268 23rd Street # 5Akron44314Lab
2004-05-11DU-10422720 East Turkeyfoot Lake RoadGreen44685Chemicals only
2004-05-161232 Carey AvenueAkron44314Lab
2004-05-17908 N Howard StreetAkron44310Chemicals
2004-05-192294 17th Street S WAkron44314Lab
2004-05-27DU-10541517 MeadowbrookStow44224Lab
2004-05-31408 3rd StreetBarberton44203Abandon Lab
2004-06-01238 1/2 6th StreetBarberton44203Lab
2004-06-042468 Nesmith Lake BlvdAkron44314Box Lab
2004-06-091302 Kentucky AvenueAkron44314Lab
2004-06-11935 HarrisonAkron44314Lab
2004-06-13867 Wooster Road NBarberton44203Abandon Lab
2004-06-16DU-10643187 Walnut StreetCanton44720Lab
2004-06-21DU-1065649 Kenmore Blvd.Akron44314Chemicals
2004-06-28DU-10722939 S. Arlington Road # 340Springfield Twp44312Box Lab
2004-06-283237 S Arlington Road # 214Green44312Chemicals Hotel/Motel
2004-07-01DU-10822247 11th StreetCuyahoga Falls44221Lab
2004-07-021913 12th Street S WAkron44314Lab
2004-07-052767 Tift StreetCuyahoga Falls44221Box Lab
2004-07-07DU-10852841 Pomatan Rd.Springfield Twp44312Lab
2004-07-08DU-10841300 Bailey Road #8Cuyahoga Falls44221Lab
2004-07-08DU-10831142 WelshAkron44314Lab
2004-07-11432 Wooster Road NBarberton44203Box Lab
2004-07-16DU-10905420 Grove RoadFranklin Twp44216Box Lab
2004-07-163370 Caleb StreetCuyahoga Falls44221Lab
2004-07-19DU-1087554 West Avenue Apt 209Tallmadge44278Box Lab
2004-07-20154 East AvenueTallmadge44278Abandon Lab (Fire)
2004-07-20948 Saxon AvenueAkron44314Lab
2004-07-22DU-1094131 Paris AvenueAkron44301Abandon Lab
2004-07-2550 Southeast AvenueTallmadge44278Chemicals
2004-07-29DU-10985133 Akron Cleveland Road # 1Peninula44264Lab
2004-08-05390 South Arlington StreetAkron44306Abandon Lab
2004-08-071750 East AvenueAkron44314Lab
2004-08-08587 Seiberling StreetAkron44305Box Lab
2004-08-101131 S Arlington RoadAkron44306Box Lab
2004-08-111882 Marks StreetAkron44305Lab
2004-08-11263 S Arlington RoadAkron44306Lab
2004-08-171273 W Wilbeth Road (B)Akron44314Lab
2004-08-191063 Southeast AvenueTallmadge44278Lab (Fire)
2004-08-22DU-11201275 Canton RoadSpringfield Twp44312Box Lab
2004-08-23912 Munson StreetAkron44305Lab
2004-08-241037 Grant AvenueCuyahoga Falls44221Lab Remnants/Chemicals
2004-08-2445 E Boston Mills RoadBoston Heights44236Box Lab
2004-08-25591 Morgan AveAkron44311Lab
2004-08-26DU-11244900 Valleyview RoadMacedonia44056Box Lab
2004-08-272129 Lake RoadSpringfield Twp44312Lab
2004-09-01Laird Street @ DudleyAkron44305Box Lab
2004-09-06East Avenue @ LouisianaAkron44314Box Lab
2004-09-08I-480 near S.R. 82Macedonia44056Chemical Stash
2004-09-10S.R. 224 @ Canton RoadSpringfield Twp44312Box Lab
2004-09-11DU-11252304 E. Waterloo Rd.Springfield Twp44312Lab
2004-09-20DU-11301323 East Nimisila RoadGreen44720Box Lab/Vehicle/Traffic Stop
2004-09-21519 Kling Street # 5Akron44311Lab
2004-09-21DU-11332418 South Arlington RoadCoventry Twp44312Abandon Lab
2004-09-23DU-11342168 Myersville RoadSpringfield Twp44312Box Lab
2004-09-25DU-1135SR 532 @ I-76Tallmadge44278Chemicals
2004-09-28DU-11381576 Amber DriveSpringfield Twp44312Lab
2004-09-30DU-11361003 E. TurkeyfootGreen44312Chemicals (Car)
2004-09-30610 W Wilbeth RoadAkron44314Lab
2004-10-01DU-1137502 Lessig AvenueSpringfield Twp44312Residential Meth Lab
2004-10-04DU-114027 20th Street SWBarberton44203Lab
2004-10-04DU-114427 20th St. SWBarberton44203Residential Meth Lab
2004-10-13DU-1152229 Howe RoadTallmadge44278Open Meth/Tablet extraction Dumpsite Seizure
2004-10-13I8-05-S005607 Johnston StreetAkron44306Residential Meth Lab
2004-10-142599 Roming Road # 14Akron44320Lab
2004-10-15DU-11493235 Manchester Rd.Coventry Twp44319Vehicle Meth Chen/Glassware/Equip. Seizure
2004-10-16DU-11544557 Provens RoadGreen44319Residential Meth lab
2004-10-18I8-05S00784 20th StreetBarberton44203Apartment Meth Chem/Glassware/Equipment Seiz
2004-10-18DU-11481043 Fairbanks PlaceAkron44306Chemical Stash
2004-10-264760 Mayfair RoadGreen44685Box Lab
2004-11-01507 Flora AvenueAkron44314Lab
2004-11-01391 Noble AvenueAkron44320Meth Lab
2004-11-042300 2nd StreetCuyahoga Falls44221Lab
2004-11-091007 Delia AvenueAkron44320Lab
2004-11-11DU-11664901 Provens DriveGreen44319Residential Meth Lab
2004-11-12DU-11683094 Krebs DriveCoventry Twp44312Residential Meth Lab
2004-11-122252 East AvenueAkron44314Lab
2004-11-17DU-11712672 Chelsea  Drive Apt #A, LakemoreLakemore44312Apartment/Condo Meth Lab
2004-11-17S.R. 91 @ S.R. 224Springfield Twp44312Box Lab
2004-11-17DU-1173South Arlington Rd @ Warner RoadSpringfield Twp44312Hotel/Motel Meth Lab
2004-11-17DU-1213218 Polina AvenueCoventry Twp44319Lab
2004-11-24DU-11783094 Krebs DriveCoventry Twp44312Residential Meth Lab
2004-12-09DU-3211 Massillon RoadGreen44312Box Lab
2004-12-13DU-11912939 Chenoweth Road H-22Springfield Twp44312Storage Locker (Meth chem/glassware/equip seizure)
2005-01-03DU-12041259 Shanafelt AvenueSpringfield Twp44312Dumpster (Meth Lab)
2005-01-09du-12031259 Shanafelt AvenueSpringfield Twp44312Dumpster (Meth Lab)
2005-01-10DU-1206115 Whitehall DriveTallmadge44278Residential Meth Lab
2005-01-10DU-12071609 Massillon RoadSpringfield Twp44312Chemicals/Vehicle
2005-01-12DU-12152305 Waterloo Road lot #25Springfield Twp44312Residential Meth Lab
2005-01-16DU-12173237 South Arlington Road #309Green44312Meth Lab/Hotel/Motel
2005-01-18DU-12201026 Clay StreetAkron44301Meth lab/marijuana
2005-01-20DU-122311 FaircourtSpringfield Twp44312Meth Lab/Trailer/Residential
2005-01-241028 JeffersonAkron44302Lab
2005-01-27DU-1232Killian Road @ Massilon RoadSpringfield Twp44312Box Lab
2005-01-30DU-1234193 Hubbard StreetAkron44303Residential Meth Lab
2005-02-05DU-12383237 South Arlington Road # 217Green44312Meth Lab/Hotel/Motel
2005-02-07DU-12391188 Atwood AvenueAkron44301Residential Meth Lab
2005-02-08DU-12423352 Kent RoadStow44224Illegal Assembly – chemicals
2005-02-09DU-124460 Etling AvenueBarberton44203Residential Meth Lab
2005-02-09DU-1243107 Randor AvenueCoventry Twp44319Residential Meth Lab
2005-02-144315 Manchester RoadFranklin Twp44319Dump Site/Commercial
2005-02-15DU-1249722 Sherman StreetAkron44311Chemicals/Residential
2005-02-16DU-1250693 Charles AvenueBarberton44203Residential Meth Lab
2005-02-27DU-12581581 Brown StreetAkron44301Chemicals/Vehicle
2005-03-05DU-1265479 4th St. NW #CBarberton44203Meth Lab
2005-03-06DU-1266382 Fuller StreetAkron44306Residential Meth Lab
2005-03-13DU-1273Waterloo/ManchesterCoventry Twp44314Illegal Assembly of Chemicals
2005-03-16DU-12711259 Shanafelt DriveSpringfield Twp44312Meth Lab Dump Site/Dumpster
2005-03-24DU-12761168 Weiser AvenueAkron44314Residential Meth Lab
2005-04-03DU-128353 Northeast AvenueTallmadge44278Chemicals/PD
2005-04-05DU-12872100 block of  Arlington RoadCoventry Twp44312Box Lab/Vehicle
2005-04-06DU-1289846 East Waterloo Rd.Coventry Twp44319Residential Meth Lab
2005-04-11DU-12942305 E. Waterloo Road #49Springfield Twp44312Residential Lab
2005-04-14DU-129549 Laverne LaneSpringfield Twp44312Chemicals/Residential
2005-04-25DU-1301Howe Avenue @ State Route 8Cuyahoga Falls44221Chemicals/Vehicle
2005-04-27DU-13023608 State Road # 17lCuyahoga Falls44223Meth Lab/Hotel/Motel
2005-04-30DU-13131561 Brittian Road C-38Akron44310Meth Lab/Storage Facility
2005-05-17DU-14381396 Ritchie Rd.Cuyahoga Falls44221Residential Meth Lab
2005-05-171500 Canton RoadLakemore44312Chemicals
2005-05-23DU-13261247 N. Main StreetAkron44310Chemicals/Residential
2005-05-25DU-13331968 Marhofer AvenueStow44224Residential Meth Lab
2005-05-25DU-1331Glenwood Avenue & Baily CtAkron44304Chemicals/Vehicle
2005-05-30DU-1334397 Glenn StreetBarberton44320Lab
2005-06-06DU-13385085 Wooster Rd W.Norton44203Dump Site/Vehicle
2005-06-06DU-13394936 South Arlington RoadGreen44720Meth Lab/Campground
2005-06-14DU-1342233 14th St NWBarberton44203Meth Lab/Out Building
2005-06-19I-76 @ S. R. 532Tallmadge44278Chemicals
2005-06-20DU-13481576 Amber DriveSpringfield Twp44312Meth lab
2005-06-232390 Idlehart DriveSpringfield Twp44312Chemicals/Residential
2005-06-25DU-1356Rt 8 South @ Graham RoadCuyahoga Falls44221Assembly/Poss Chemicals/Meth
2005-07-02DU-13632305 East Waterloo RoadSpringfield Twp44312Chemical Dump Site
2005-07-06DU-13702393 Chenoweth Rd.Springfield Twp44312Chemicals/Storage Facility
2005-07-07DU-13721024 Mohawk TrailSpringfield Twp44312Meth Lab
2005-07-13DU-1378234 Geoppert RoadPeninula44264Residential Meth Lab
2005-07-29DU-13896033 Keller RoadFranklin Twp44319Meth Lab/Apartment/Condo
2005-07-31DU-1390S.R. 8 @ ChittendenBoston Heights44236Box Lab/Vehicle
2005-08-01DU-13915520 Grove RoadFranklin Twp44216Meth Lab Dump
2005-08-03DU-13923047 1/2 Massillon RoadGreen44312Residential Meth Lab
2005-08-11DU-1405900 block of Eastwood AvenueAkron44305Chemical Dump Site
2005-08-15DU-14063312 Brunk Road.Springfield Twp44312Meth Lab
2005-08-16DU-14073285 Kingsley DriveCoventry Twp44319Residential Meth Lab
2005-08-18DU-14143433 AtterburyCuyahoga Falls44221Residential Meth Lab
2005-08-31DU-1429303 Van StBarberton44203Dump site
2005-09-02DU-14261605 Corporate Woods Parkway #308Green44685Meth Lab/Hotel/Motel
2005-09-12DU-14373175 Mogadore RoadSpringfield Twp44312Abandoned Residence/ Chemical Dumpsite
2005-09-16DU-14393060 Killian RoadSpringfield Twp44312Residential Meth Lab
2005-10-161188 Atwood AvenueAkron44301Residential Meth Lab
2005-10-16S.R.224 @ Massillon RoadSpringfield Twp44312Box Lab
2005-11-10549 Kenmore BlvdAkron44314Chemical Dump Site
2005-11-11800 Washington StreetAkron44311Chemical Dump Site
2005-11-211050 Eastwood AvenueAkron44305Chemical Dump Site
2005-11-21DU-1485420 Kline AvenueAkron44305Residential Meth Lab
2005-12-01282 1/2 E Exchange Street # 6Akron44304Chemicals
2005-12-01DU-14902830 Berne StreetAkron44312Need Info & Check Address
2005-12-29DU-15072nd Street NWClinton44216Dump-site in the woods
2006-01-02284 14th Street NWBarberton44203Residential Meth Lab
2006-01-04DU-1510Lahm Drive @ W. TurkeyfootFranklin Twp44319Meth Lab (Box)/Vehicle
2006-01-05DU-1511556 Boyd AvenueAkron44305Residential Meth Lab
2006-01-06DU-15133150 West Market Street # 274Fairlawn44333Chemical Stash/Possession of Meth-SW
2006-01-12DU-1515Eastern Road @ South VanBurenBarberton44203Meth dump site
2006-01-21DU-1523Pressler Road @ Bridger RoadSpringfield Twp44312Chemicals/Vehicle
2006-01-21DU-15222284 Pressler RoadSpringfield Twp44312Residential Meth Lab
2006-03-05DU-1553958 Cole AvenueAkron44306Meth Lab
2006-03-05S. Main Street @ Swartz RoadCoventry Twp44319Chemicals/Residential
2006-03-06DU-15563604 Kimmel DriveGreen44685Residential Meth Lab
2006-03-08DU-1570588 South AvenueTallmadge44278Chemicals/Dumpster
2006-03-11DU-15742767 Mull AvenueCopley Twp44321Meth Lab/Apartment/Condo
2006-03-13DU-1571Rt 8 N @ Howe AvenueCuyahoga Falls44221Chemicals/Vehicle
2006-03-22DU-15881189  Magdalyn DriveCopley Twp44320Residential Meth Lab
2006-03-29DU-146159 Leicester Unit ACoventry Twp44319Meth Lab/Apartment/Condo
2006-03-30DU-15941022 Mohawk TrailSpringfield Twp44312Residential Meth Lab
2006-04-07S.R. 224 @ Neal RoadSpringfield Twp44312Dump Site
2006-04-10DU-1606540 Gage StreetAkron44311Residential Meth Lab
2006-04-10DU-16052874 Mohawk AvenueAkron44312Meth Lab/Out Building
2006-04-10DU-16073088 N. Jasmine AvenueCoventry Twp44319Residential Meth Lab
2006-04-15DU-1614592 Cove Blvd.Coventry Twp44319Residential Meth Lab
2006-04-27DU-16212561 Edwin StreetAkron44314Meth Lab/Apartment/Condo
2006-05-22DU-16463945 Mayfair RoadGreen44685Abandoned Chemicals/Apartment Building
2006-05-23DU-16473945 Mayfair Rd. Apt 108Green44685Chemicals/Apartment Building
2006-05-27DU-1650132 Norman StreetBarberton44203Residential Meth Lab
2006-06-14DU-16582291 27th St SWAkron44314Meth Lab
2006-06-20DU-166180 W. Waterloo RoadCoventry Twp44319Chemical Dump Site/Dumpster
2006-06-25DU-16635806 Starview DriveGreen44216Residential Chemicals
2006-06-26DU-1668591 Dennison AvenueAkron44312Meth Lab
2006-08-01DU-169324 W Huston StreetBarberton44203Abandoned Chemicals RR   Tracks
2006-08-03DU-16942506 Maplehurst DriveStow44224Meth Lab
2006-08-18DU-17043441 Wadsworth RoadNorton44203Residential Meth Lab
2006-08-271259 Shanafelt H-14Springfield Twp44312Box Lab
2006-09-06DU-1711388 Lindenwood AvenueAkron44301Chemicals/Residential
2006-09-2672 South Thomas # 8Tallmadge44278Meth Lab/Apartment
2006-11-24DU-173899 Rothrock Road #208Copley Twp44321Meth Lab/Hotel/Motel
2006-11-29DU-17422911 Aldis DriveGreen44685Chemicals/Residential
2006-11-301189 Magdalyn DriveCopley Twp44320Residential Meth Lab
2006-12-09DU-1752Van Buren Road @ Vanderhoff RoadFranklin TwpNeed Info including Zip
2006-12-12DU-1758360 E. Lake AvenueBarberton44203Residential Meth Lab
2007-01-31DU-1772330 Richards CourtAkron44306Chemicals/Residential
2007-02-02DU-1773987 Mohawk TrailSpringfield Twp44312Chemicals/Residential
2007-03-19DU-1810Pawnee @ MohicanLakemore44312Chemicals/Vehicle
2007-04-012863 S Arlington RoadSpringfield Twp44312Chemicals/Vehicle
2007-04-09DU-18141724 McChesney RoadSpringfield Twp44306Residential Meth Lab
2007-04-091672 McChesney RoadeSpringfield Twp44312Chemicals/Vehicle
2007-04-16DU-1816E Waterloo Road @ Coventry StreetAkron44306Chemicals/Vehicle
2007-04-25DU-1823261 W. State StreetBarberton44203Meth Lab/Out Building
2007-05-14DU-18363095 Pickle RoadGreen44312Chemicals/Vehicle
2007-05-26DU-18482215 E Waterloo RoadAkron44312Chemicals/Vehicle
2007-06-17DU-18531026 Tritt DriveSpringfield Twp44312Residential Meth Lab
2007-06-25DU-18571094 Neptune AvenueAkron44301Residential Meth Lab
2007-07-17DU-18651093 Wooster Rd N.Barberton44203Meth Lab Dump Site/Dumpster
2007-07-19DU-1870RT 76/Summit racingTallmadge44278Meth Lab/ Vehicle
2007-08-17DU-18753095 Pickle RoadGreen44312Residential Meth Lab
2007-08-19DU-18771100 Killian RoadSpringfield Twp44312Chemicals/Vehicle
2007-08-25DU-1876867 Woodsfield DriveCoventry Twp44319Residential Meth Lab
2007-09-112534 Berk StreetCuyahoga Falls44221Need Info
2007-09-11DU-18843184 S. Main StreetCoventry Twp44319Residential Meth Lab
2007-10-29DU-19012430 Meadow Spring CircleSpringfield Twp44312Residential Meth Lab
2007-12-24DU-19203974 Mogadore RoadMogadore44260Chemicals/Vehicle
2008-01-041053 Fairbanks PlaceAkron44306residence box lab
2008-01-21248 Arch StreetAkron44304residence box lab
2008-01-272376 Kermit AveAkron44312meth lab
2008-01-281211 E.  Archwood AveAkron44306meth lab
2008-01-29101 W. Miller AveAkron44301meth lab
2008-02-04206 Melbourne AveAkron44313meth lab
2008-02-19DU-19423351 CormanyCoventry Twp44319Residential Meth Lab
2008-02-201215 Florida AveAkron44314meth lab
2008-02-203351 Cormany Rd.Akron44319meth lab
2008-02-252376 E. Market St #12Akron44312Box lab
2008-02-29129 N. Arlington StAkron44305lab
2008-03-12DU-1960867 Woodsfield DriveCoventry Twp44319Residential Meth Lab
2008-03-19420 Lockwood StAkron44314lab
2008-03-252785 S. Arlington #309Springfield Twp44312meth lab
2008-03-27DU-19672785 Nesmith Lake BlvdAkron44314Residential Meth Lab
2008-03-29588 Bertha Ave.Akron44306meth lab
2008-03-3085 Akers AveAkron44312meth lab
2008-04-091478 Onondago AveAkron44305meth lab
2008-04-11DU-1973265 North Thomas RoadTallmadge44278Chemicals/Vehicle
2008-04-121991 Congo StreetAkron44305Meth Lab
2008-04-15435 Downing PlaceAkron44306Lab & waste
2008-04-15439 Downing PlaceAkron44306Lab & waste
2008-04-151360 Home Ave #4101Akron44310Lab – storage unit
2008-04-21271 W. Center StreetAkron44302Lab
2008-04-24497 East Park Blvd.Akron44312Lab
2008-04-27450 Lamont StreetAkron44305Lab
2008-04-28403 Eastland AvenueAkron44305Lab
2008-05-04423 E. Hopocan Ave.Barberton44203Outbuilding Lab
2008-05-081469 Alphada #B6Akron44310Lab
2008-05-211902 Manchester Rd.Akron44314Meth lab
2008-05-251263 Tonwanda AveAkron44305Meth lab
2008-05-28101 W. Miller Rd.Akron44301Meth lab
2008-05-30DU-20052011 Rolling MeadowsAkron44312Waste
2008-06-07Intersection Canton Rd & RhoadesdaleSpringfield Twp44312Chemicals
2008-06-10DU-20774660 Dale StreetNorton44203Box lab
2008-06-2729 Verdun DriveAkron44312Meth lab
2008-07-061105 Triplett Blvd.Akron44306Dump site
2008-07-14328 Ira AvenueAkron44301Meth Lab
2008-07-20DU-2022240 E. Highland Rd.Macedonia44087vehicle
2008-07-262357 19th Street SWAkron44314lab
2008-08-01DU-20301646 Preston AvenueAkron44305dump site
2008-08-071286 Laird StreetAkron44305lab
2008-08-082267 6th Street SWAkron44221dump site
2008-08-0972 E. HiramBarberton44203lab
2008-08-121070 Belden AveAkron44310lab
2008-08-15Intersection Cordelia & SevillaAkron44720dump site
2008-09-191297 Coventry StAkron44306dump site
2008-09-19685 Russell AveAkron44307lab
2008-09-251295 Georgia Ave #2Akron44307meth lab
2008-10-041164 DuaneAkron44306lab
2008-10-04DU-2056900 block Interstate PkwyAkron44312chemicals – vehicle
2008-10-161371 Neptune AveAkron44301meth lab
2008-10-22DU-20611755 GRACE RD.Springfield Twp44312METH LAB
2008-10-23588 Bertha Ave.Akron44306meth lab
2008-10-29DU-20671715 E. Turkeyfoot Lk Rd.Akron44319Dump site – vehicle
2008-10-30161 S. Portage PathAkron44302meth lab
2008-10-31DU-2068129 Plaza  CourtLakemore44312Meth lab
2008-11-051915 Springfield Lake BlvdAkron44312Dump site
2008-11-152785 Nesmith Lake BlvdAkron44314Dump Site
2008-11-17475 Inman StreetAkron44306meth lab
2008-11-18215 W. Long StreetAkron44301meth lab
2008-11-181902 C Manchester Rd.Akron44314chemicals
2008-11-201175 Triplett BlvdAkron44306meth lab
2008-11-21119 Bachtel AveAkron44311meth lab
2008-12-03DU-19401306 Curtis StreetAkron44301Meth Lab
2008-12-04589 Moraine AveAkron44310meth lab
2008-12-09DU-2091497 Portage Lakes DrCoventry Twp44319Dumpster
2008-12-10DU-2092721 Beechview DrAkron44305Meth Lab
2008-12-12491 DelmarAkron44310meth lab
2008-12-181779 Preston AveAkron44305Meth Lab
2008-12-29889 Lockwood Rd.Barberton44203lab/dump site
2008-12-292550 18th StreetAkron44314Meth lab
2009-01-05Intersection Hope & KohlerAkron44314Roadside Dump
2009-01-07DU-21031209 e. Nimisila Rd.Canton44720Meth lab
2009-01-09cf548 Taylor AveCuyahoga Falls44221meth lab
2009-01-13DU-21043485 Mogadore Rd.Mogadore44260meth lab
2009-01-15903 E. Crosier AveAkron44306meth lab
2009-01-212367 E. Market StAkron44312meth lab
2009-01-22A1228 Iona AveAkron44314meth lab
2009-01-22DU-21143985 Manchester Rd.Coventry Twp44319dumpster – chemicals
2009-01-231228 Iona AveAkron44314meth lab
2009-02-02DU-2119Intersection S. Arlington & KillianSpringfield Twpvehicle – chemicals
2009-02-051620 MohawkAkron44306meth lab
2009-02-05ak788 BerthaAkron44306meth lab
2009-02-0565 Byers #904Akron44306meth lab
2009-02-11Intersection Kenmore BlvdAkronDump site
2009-02-162545 31st St  SWAkron44314meth lab
2009-02-18861 Nevin StreetAkron44310meth lab
2009-02-23DU-213570 Rothrock Rd #205Copley Twp44321meth lab
2009-02-261642 WildonAkron44306meth lab
2009-03-06DU-2145Intersection Myersville RdGreenroadside dump site
2009-03-06409 Rexford AveAkron44314meth lab
2009-03-09674 FultzAkron44307dump site
2009-03-09DU-21471938 19th St SWAkron44314meth lab
2009-03-122354 12th Street SWAkron44314box lab
2009-03-19562 Cole AvenueAkron44301box lab
2009-03-191198 Keys PlaceAkron44306meth lab
2009-03-19445 LamparterAkron44311box lab
2009-03-28DU-21561002 Johnston StAkron44301meth lab
2009-03-28DU-2154Inters Greensburg/LaubyGreen44319vehicle – chemicals
2009-04-021311 HerberichAkron44301Box lab – residence
2009-04-04I-76 West Ramp@ FullerAkron44306dump site
2009-04-05903 Clay StreetAkron44311dump site
2009-04-0626 W. York StreetAkron44310box lab
2009-04-06DU-21611777 Krumroy Rd.Springfield Twp44312meth lab
2009-04-13DU-2164127 2nd St NE #FBarberton44203meth lab
2009-04-151882 PenthleyAkron44312meth lab
2009-04-2182 DellenbergerAkron44312meth lab
2009-05-012559 PeltonAkron44314meth lab
2009-05-05483 Sullivan AveAkron44305meth lab
2009-05-28236 WatsonAkron44305meth lab
2009-06-02DU-2196571 Parkview AveBarberton44203box lab
2009-06-04DU-2197505 West AvenueTallmadge44278Dump site
2009-06-042147 8th Street SWAkron44314meth lab
2009-06-06DU-20382399 Nicholas StreetAkron44305dump site
2009-06-10DU-22025221 Renninger Rd.Franklin Twpmeth lab
2009-06-30DU-220765 16th Street NWBarberton44203meth lab
2009-07-30359 W. Waterloo Rd.Akron44314box lab – residence
2009-08-04306 Linwood AvenueCuyahoga Falls44221box lab
2009-08-04213 Barder StreetAkron44305meth lab
2009-08-14289 Darrow Rd.Akron44305dump site
2009-08-162354 Kermit StreetAkron44305box lab – residence
2009-08-18165 PaulineAkron44312meth lab
2009-08-25932 Silvercrest AveAkron44314meth lab
2009-08-281306 Curtis StreetAkron44301meth lab
2009-09-0186 Stull AvenueAkron44312meth lab – residence
2009-09-03333 Dan StreetAkron44304meth lab – residence
2009-09-24DU-2251876 Southeast AveTallmadge44278dump site
2009-09-27DU-2252Ridgewood Rd & Park HillFairlawn44313chemicals/vehicle
2009-10-011160 AllendaleAkron44306meth lab – residence
2009-10-26Wooded Area end of 39th St NWBarberton44203box lab
2009-11-023501 S. ArlingtonGreen44312meth lab – residence
2009-11-121454 Wade ParkAkron44310meth lab – residence
2009-11-161251 WyleyAkron44306meth lab – residence
2009-11-251028 BurkhardtAkron44301meth lab – residence
2009-11-251032 BurkhardtAkron44301meth lab – residence
2009-12-12903 Clay StreetAkron44311meth lab – residence
2009-12-12890 DiagonalAkron44320meth lab – residence
2009-12-181306 Curtis StreetAkron44301meth lab – residence
2009-12-18131 Cole AvenueAkron44301meth lab – residence
2009-12-261675 Rockford StreetAkron44301meth lab – residnece
2009-12-28510 W. Wilbeth AvenueAkron44314meth lab – residence
2010-01-09903 E. Crosier #1Akron44306meth lab – residence
2010-01-13309 WoolfAkron44312dump site – road side
2010-02-17885 Chalker StAkron44310meth lab – residence
2010-02-28176 HillmanAkron44312meth lab – residence
2010-03-03565 Perry RdTallmadge44278meth lab – residence
2010-03-042169 5th St SWAkron44310meth lab – residence
2010-03-07DU-2318Intersection US-224 & Kubler TrSpringfield Twp44312meth lab – vehicle
2010-03-23DU-23262900 Block of Pepper Hill RdSpringfield Twp44312dump site – wooded area
2010-03-28DU-2331147 16th St NW, Apt BBarberton44203box lab – apt residence
2010-04-05DU-2336Intersection of Marion Ave & AlbrechtSpringfield Twp44312dump site
2010-04-09DU-2339684 Junior AveSpringfield Twp44312chemicals
2010-04-12DU-23382305 E. Waterloo, #29Akron44312dump site – one pot
2010-04-181137 S. ArlingtonAkron44306meth lab – residence / Anhydrous
2010-04-202206 25th ST SWAkron44314meth lab – residence
2010-04-23DU-2351Intersection Armil Ave & Junior AveSpringfield Twp44312dump site – one pot
2010-05-0530 W Wilbeth RdAkron44314meth lab – residence
2010-05-092484 East AveAkron44314meth lab – residence
2010-05-121624 MerillAkron44306meth lab – residence
2010-05-172311 12TH St SWAkron44314meth lab – residence
2010-05-202347 15th St SWAkron44314meth lab – residence
2010-05-221809 Adelaide BlvdAkron44305meth lab – residence
2010-05-24DU-23643937 Mayfair Rd, #205Green44685meth lab – apt residence
2010-06-02DU-23662131 Copley Rd, #B22Copley Twp44320meth lab – apt residence
2010-06-05DU-236899 Rothrock #250 (Motel 6)Copley Twp44320meth lab – apt residence
2010-07-021562 Simcoe AveAkron44305meth lab – residence
2010-07-191052 Joy AveAkron44306meth lab – residence
2010-07-21487 SullivanAkron44308meth lab – residence / one pot
2010-07-231393 Coventry StAkron44306dump site – street
2010-07-28665 Fultz StAkron44307meth lab – residence / one pot
2010-08-10DU-2397919 Mohawk TrAkron44312meth lab – residence / fire
2010-08-12DU-240020 Lakota AveAkron44319dump site – dumpster
2010-08-19DU-2408613 Holmes Ave, #2Barberton44203box Lab
2010-08-213013 Shelburn RdAkron44312meth lab – residence / one pot
2010-08-25211 Gleason AveAkron44312meth lab – residence
2010-08-261539 East Market StAkron44312meth lab – apartment / one pot
2010-08-30DU-24091500 Canton RdLakemore44312dump site – roof
2010-08-31947 Eller AveAkron44306meth lab – apartment / one pot
2010-09-06DU-2411S. Hayden PkwyHudson44236dump site – one pot (street)
2010-09-06DU-2412Tonawanda & The BrooklandsAkron44305dump site – one pot
2010-09-091878 Ford AveAkron44305meth lab – residence / one pot
2010-09-10DU-24162399 Sadler StSpringfield Twp44312meth lab – residence / one pot
2010-09-14DU-24188647 Wiltshire DrMacedonia44056meth lab – residence
2010-09-29DU-2434Wooster Rd N & Burt StBarberton44203one pot lab – vehicle
2010-10-221525 Plaza BlvdAkron44314meth lab – vehicle
2010-10-26666 Carnegie AveAkron44314meth lab – vehicle / one pot
2010-10-2680 W Waterloo RdAkron44319dump site – one pot (dumpster)
2010-11-01DU-2449684 Junior AveSpringfield Twp44312meth lab – residence
2010-11-04348 Malacca StAkron44305meth lab – residence  / one pot
2010-11-111258 California Ave #CAkron44314meth lab – apartment / one pot
2010-11-14363 Black StAkron44306meth lab – residence / one pot (explosion)
2010-11-152564 Woodmere AveAkron44312dump site
2010-11-15DU-2441981 Abington RdSpringfield Twp44312meth lab – one pot (garage)
2010-11-20Lovers Lane & BeardsleyAkron44301dump site – street
2010-11-21176 Massillon RdAkron44312meth lab – vehicle / one pot
2010-11-233399 Barber RdNorton44203dump site – park
2010-11-27176 Grant StAkron44311meth lab – vehicle / one pot
2010-12-01DU-2459Lucas St & NewellBarberton44203meth lab – one pot (parking lot)
2010-12-09438 Downing PLAkron44306meth lab – residence / one pot
2010-12-111499 Massillon RdAkron44312dump site – parking lot
2010-12-19450 Dennison AveAkron44312dump site – street
2010-12-21554 W Thornton StAkron44307meth lab – vehicle / one pot
2010-12-27173 Highpoint AveAkron44312meth lab – residence
2010-12-281548 Massillon RdAkron44312meth lab – auto shop
2011-01-03525 Dan StAkron44310dump site – street
2011-01-04DU-24734888 Massillon Rd (Garage 11)Canton44720meth lab – garage
2011-01-13DU-2478Darrow Rd & Echo RdStow44224meth lab – vehicle / one pot
2011-01-152677 Gilchrist RdAkron44312meth lab – hotel boiler room / one pot
2011-01-18DU-2479275 E Highland #201Macedonia44506meth lab – one pot
2011-01-20870 Bertha AveAkron44306meth lab – residence
2011-01-2225 McNaughton StAkron44305meth lab – apartment / one pot
2011-01-23630 Talbot AveAkron44306meth lab – vehicle
2011-01-25East & CaliforniaAkron44314meth lab – vehicle / one pot
2011-01-27476 Perkins StAkron44304meth lab – apartment / one pot
2011-01-28605 Upson St #6Akron44305meth lab – apartment / one pot
2011-01-28856 Work DrAkron44320dump site – vacant house / porch
2011-01-301867 Triplett BlvdAkron44312meth lab – residence
2011-02-03DU-24861531 Ettle DrBarberton44203dump site – one pot
2011-02-07356 Cole AveAkron44301meth lab – residence / one pot
2011-02-07625 Hazel StAkron44305dump site – back porch
2011-02-09430 MorningviewAkron44305meth lab – garage / chemicals – residence
2011-02-141061 Wilbur AveAkron44301meth lab – residence / one pot
2011-02-17DU-2493378 S Van Buren AveBarberton44203dump site – dumpster / one pot
2011-02-221158 Manning AveAkron44320meth lab – residence / one pot
2011-02-22East Morse StAkron44320meth lab – vehicle / one pot
2011-02-23777 Allyn StAkron44311meth lab – residence
2011-03-05DU-2495I-77 (Exit 136)Bath44210meth lab – vehicle
2011-03-07224 E & Kelly Ave (Ramp)dump site
2011-03-10DU-2499111 E Tuscarawas AveBarberton44203box lab – vehicle
2011-03-172449 Gilchrist RdAkron44312dump site – vacant lot
2011-03-24DU-25013026 FarmdaleSpringfield Twp44312dump site
2011-03-25733 Clifford StAkron44306dump site – dumpster
2011-03-27Killian Rd & Main StGreen44319dump site – one pot
2011-03-31606 Gibbs StAkron44312meth lab – apartment / one pot
2011-04-07DU-25161532 Raymond AveLakemore44250meth lab – residence / explosion
2011-04-071184 W Wilbeth AveAkron44314dump site
2011-04-10DU-25174249 Tapper RdNorton44203meth lab – back porch / one pot
2011-04-251158 Manning AveAkron44307meth lab – residence
2011-04-26DU-2515417 Wooster RdNorton44203meth lab – residence
2011-04-30DU-2527Coventry Rd & RR TracksBarberton44203dump site
2011-05-01460 Kenmore BlvdAkron44301dump site
2011-05-14DU-25331020 Lambert Ave (wooded area)Barberton44203dump site – wooded area
2011-05-14DU-253443 22nd StBarberton44203meth lab – residence / one pot
2011-05-171264 PondviewAkron44305dump site
2011-05-221644 Rock Cliff DrAkron44302box lab – residence
2011-05-251316 Sevilla AveAkron44314dump site
2011-05-27DU-25431159 KrumroySpringfield Twp44312dump site
2011-05-29DU-2541800 Wooster Rd (parking lot)Barberton44203dump site – parking lot
2011-06-012145 Goodyear BlvdAkron44305box lab – residence
2011-06-03DU-25462679 N BenderAkron44319meth lab – residence
2011-06-04S Arlington & Lovers LaneAkron44306box lab – vehicle
2011-06-08Eastwood Ave & Railroad CrossingAkron44305dump site
2011-06-13DU-25511931 Bridger Rd (res/garage)Springfield Twp44312meth lab – garage / one pot
2011-06-1429th St NW & Belleview AveBarberton44203dump site – road / one pot
2011-06-24DU-255230th St & Belleview AveBarberton44203dump site
2011-06-26167 ChittendenAkron44306meth lab – residence
2011-07-01386 VincentAkron44301meth lab – residence
2011-07-01DU-2559919 Mohawk TrailSpringfield Twp44312meth lab – residence
2011-07-06DU-2562Intersection: Church St & Front StLakemore44250generator – vehicle
2011-07-12DU-2566Williams Ct & Kent StAkron44306meth lab
2011-07-14DU-2568Coventry Rd near Norwood (roadside)Barberton44203dump side – roadside
2011-07-15677 Brady StBarberton44203
2011-07-16DU-25693529 Manchester Rd, #20 – Lakeside MotelAkron44319meth lab
2011-07-17DU-2572237 3rd StBarberton44203meth lab – one pot / shed
2011-07-171047 Kenmore BlvdAkron44314dump site
2011-07-23DU-2577489 Taylor AveSpringfield Twp44312meth lab – residence
2011-07-26DU-2579300 Kreiner Ave #4Springfield Twp44312meth lab – apartment
2011-08-05DU-25823380 Mogadore Rd #5Mogadore44260meth lab – apartment / one pot
2011-08-052246 14th StAkron44314dump site
2011-08-09DU-2583200 17th StBarberton44203meth lab – residence
2011-08-091600 block W Exchange StAkron44313meth lab – vehicle
2011-08-10DU-25841285 Benton StBarberton44203dump site
2011-08-12236 Prairie DrAkron44312meth lab – garage
2011-08-18576 W Park AveBarberton44203chemicals – backpack / porch
2011-08-212356 Newton StAkron44305meth lab – residence
2011-08-251001 SilvercrestAkron44314meth lab – residence
2011-09-02Intersection of Albrecht & RipleyAkron44312meth lab – one pot
2011-09-03404 W WaterlooAkron44314meth lab – one pot in street
2011-09-10DU-26133200 Block of W. Market StFairlawnmanufacturing meth
2011-09-13DU-2615215 17th St NWBarberton44203meth lab – detached garage
2011-09-13DU-26142106 Uniondale DrStow44224meth lab – residence / one pot
2011-09-15DU-26163180 Arlington Rd (Parking lot)Akron44319meth lab – one pot / vehicle – parking lot
2011-09-212905 Mogadore RdAkron44312meth lab – one pot / residence
2011-09-24Route 8 (south ramp) & Howe AveCuyahoga Falls44221dump site – one pot
2011-09-25Intersection of Morse & McTaggartAkron44320dump site – one pot
2011-10-041138 KohlerAkron44314dump site – one pot / dumpster
2011-10-11DU-26191265 HilbishSpringfield Twp44312manufacturing meth
2011-10-14DU-26212437 Nicholas AveAkron44305meth lab fire
2011-10-15Fuller St & I-76 ramp WestAkron44260dump site – one pot
2011-10-151000 block of Lane StAkron44307meth lab – one pot / vehicle
2011-10-20550 W WaterlooAkron44314dump site – one pot
2011-10-241215 Tallmadge AveAkron44240meth lab – one pot
2011-10-241st St & BeulahAkron44314meth lab – one pot
2011-10-27Frazier & CarverAkron44305meth lab – one pot
2011-10-27DU-26241755 Knox BlvdCopley Twp44321manuf meth/assembly
2011-10-291548 Massillon RdAkron44306meth lab – one pot
2011-11-04DU-26322300 Block of Graham RdStow44224meth lab – one pot
2011-11-052262 1/2 East AveAkron44314meth lab – one pot
2011-11-14386 VincentAkron44067meth lab – one pot
2011-11-18671 KoerberAkrondump site – one pot
2011-11-202625 Nesmith Lake BlvdAkron44314dump site – one pot
2011-11-21DU-2639334 31st St NW, Berlin Motel Rm# 15Norton44203meth lab
2011-11-22Morgan & InmanAkron44306meth lab – one pot
2011-11-221035 Johnston StAkron44306meth lab – one pot
2011-11-24612 HallieAkron44305meth lab – one pot
2011-11-24Romig Rd & HarlemAkron44320meth lab – one pot
2011-11-27674 BlaineAkron44310meth lab – one pot
2011-11-28DU-26423521 GlenbrookNorton44203meth lab
2011-11-29354 N Adams St Apt 3Akron44304meth lab – one pot
2011-11-30DU-2640Sanford & ElmlwoodStow44224dump site – one pot
2011-12-022199 17th StAkron44223meth lab – one pot
2011-12-02107 W MildredAkron44310meth lab
2011-12-07DU-26412106 UniondaleStow44224meth lab – residence / one pot
2011-12-13DU-26443364 Cormany RdAkron44319dump site – construction dumpster
2011-12-16DU-2645328 WunderlichBarberton44203meth lab – residence
2011-12-20DU-26462106 UniondaleStow44224meth lab – residence
2011-12-221789 25th StCuyahoga Falls44223meth lab – residence / one pot
2011-12-23DU-2647309 S Van BurenBarberton44203meth lab – one pot
2011-12-28DU-26491119 Shannon AveBarberton44203meth lab – one pot
2011-12-28DU-26481057 Oneida TrSpringfield Twp44312meth lab – residence / one pot
2012-01-0312-002731 Corley StAkron44306meth lab
2012-01-0412-0041303 W Wilbeth RdAkronmeth lab
2012-01-0512-005Fritch & ChristensenAkrondump site
2012-01-06DU-2657792 Koons CtAkron44311dump site – one pot (under porch)
2012-01-06DU-2658Intersection of 224 & Kubler TrAkron44321meth lab – vehicle / one pot
2012-01-0712-010210 W Market St #218Akronmeth lab
2012-01-0812-0111116 Evans AveAkron44310meth lab
2012-01-0912-013599 Kipling StAkronmeth lab
2012-01-1112-015948 BarbaraAkronmeth lab
2012-01-1112-0161074 Johnston StAkronmeth lab
2012-01-1312-0281472 Onondago AveAkronmeth lab
2012-01-1312-023734 Beechview DrAkronmeth lab
2012-01-1412-025182 Henry StAkronmeth lab
2012-01-15DU-2662US 224 & 2305 E WaterlooAkron44312meth lab – vehicle / one pot
2012-01-16DU-26611922 Massillon RdAkron44312meth lab – one pot (motel room)
2012-01-17Northwest Marston CourtBarberton44203dump site
2012-01-1812-029500 block of Winans AveAkrondump site – road side
2012-01-21DU-266546 Organ AveAkron44319meth lab – residence / one pot
2012-01-2212-034526 Cuyahoga StAkronmeth lab
2012-01-2612-0371400 S ArlingtonAkrondump site
2012-01-2712-040719 Victoria AveAkron
2012-01-2712-041682 Victoria AveAkronmeth lab
2012-01-2724 Brown StBarberton44203meth lab
2012-02-0112-0471265 Carey AveAkronmeth lab
2012-02-0114 Swigart AveBarberton44203meth lab
2012-02-0312-0482259 Triplett BlvdAkron44312meth lab
2012-02-0612-049Sharon & 9th StAkrondump site
2012-02-062015 Broad BlvdCuyahoga Falls44221meth lab – vehicle / one pot
2012-02-0712-050Nesmith Lake Blvd & 9th StAkrondump site
2012-02-08DU-26821171 Cooper DrCuyahoga Falls44221meth lab – residence / one pot
2012-02-1012-064719 Victoria Ave #2Akron44310meth lab – residence / one pot
2012-02-1312-065502 Rothrock AveAkron44314meth lab
2012-02-1812-069Johnston & GridleyAkrondump site
2012-02-1912-07057 W Cuyahoga Falls AveAkronmeth lab
2012-02-19DU-26783300 block Barber RdNorton44203meth lab – vehicle / one pot
2012-02-2212-0722145 13th St SWAkron44314meth lab
2012-02-2312-074454 HampshireAkron44313chemicals
2012-02-2412-0752350 Newton StAkronmeth lab
2012-02-2612-076552 St LegerAkronmeth lab
2012-02-2912-079York & BlaineAkrondump site
2012-02-2912-0781374 Blackstone AveAkron44310meth lab
2012-02-2912-081725 Newcastle DrAkron44313meth lab
2012-03-04Robinson StBarberton44203dump site
2012-03-06DU-26911451 2nd StCuyahoga Falls44221meth lab – residence / one pot
2012-03-0712-085199 Newton PlAkron44310meth lab
2012-03-07DU-26904519 S ArlingtonGreen44685meth lab – residence / one pot
2012-03-1312-099Rhodes & ThorntonAkronbox lab
2012-03-1412-096Albrecht & WirthAkronbox lab
2012-03-1412-0981137 East AveAkronmeth lab
2012-03-1412-0971328 Goodyear BlvdAkronmeth lab
2012-03-1512-10031 E York StAkronmeth lab
2012-03-1612-10197 Kent CtAkronmeth lab
2012-03-1712-104Dayton St & Oak StAkrondump site
2012-03-1912-105665 Inman StAkronmeth lab
2012-03-2212-106634 E Wilbeth RdAkronbox lab
2012-03-2312-108DeValera & LaydenAkrondump site
2012-03-2612-113Nesmith Lake Blvd & Fritch AveAkrondump site
2012-03-2612-1121067 N Main StAkronmeth lab
2012-03-26DU-26971678 Mohawk DrAkron44306meth lab – residence / one pot
2012-03-271441 League StAkronmeth lab
2012-03-27DU-26985354 Grove RdClinton44216meth lab – residence / one pot
2012-03-3112-1962302 25th StAkronmeth lab
2012-04-0112-1182208 15th St SWAkronmeth lab
2012-04-0112-1191608 Norledge RdAkron44305meth lab
2012-04-02DU-270211 Judy AveCoventry Twp44319meth lab – residence / one pot
2012-04-0712-127Johnston & Gibbs PlAkrondump site
2012-04-0912-128Koerber & Nesmith Lake BlvdAkrondump site
2012-04-1112-132385 Kenmore BlvdAkronMeth Lab
2012-04-1212-133325 StantonAkronmeth lab
2012-04-1212-137724 Cato AveAkronmeth lab
2012-04-1312-139Triplett & StaegerAkrondump site
2012-04-1512-140Hazel & WellingtonAkrondump site
2012-04-15DU-2709Nancy AvenueCoventry Twp44319dump site – one pot (wooded area)
2012-04-16DU-2708200 Block of 6th Street NWBarberton44203dump site – one pot (trash)
2012-04-1712-1411204 Brandon AveAkron44305meth lab
2012-04-2512-1561535 Massillon RdAkronmeth lab
2012-04-25S Van Buren AveBarberton44203dump site
2012-04-2512-1581176 Princeton StAkron44301meth lab
2012-04-2512-1571238 Brown StAkron44301meth lab
2012-04-2612-1601927 PrestonAkronmeth lab
2012-04-2612-1591239 Bellows StAkron44301meth lab
2012-04-3012-161Main & FrancisAkrondump site
2012-05-02DU-2714780 Cassell AvenueBarberton44203meth lab – residence / one pot
2012-05-04DU-27153782 NorthamptonCuyahoga Falls44224meth lab – residence / one pot
2012-05-06340 E State StBarberton44203meth lab
2012-05-0812-1762211 7th Ave #4Akronmeth lab
2012-05-08122 Louise CourtBarberton44203meth lab
2012-05-1112-1901078 Lane StAkrondump site
2012-05-13501 Harding Ave #4Barberton44203meth lab
2012-05-1312-1872119 CramerAkron44312meth lab
2012-05-1412-1891301 Triplett BlvdAkrondump site
2012-05-1412-1912600 block of Manchester Rd (wooded lot)Akronmeth lab
2012-05-14DU-27192319 Winter Pkwy #310Cuyahoga Falls44221meth lab – residence / one pot
2012-05-1612-18813th St & South AlleyAkrondump site
2012-05-1812-1922918 Unclmorse RdAkron44314meth lab
2012-05-2312-195Kelly Ave & RT 224Akrondump site
2012-05-2612-206785 Silvercrest (in front of)Akronmeth lab
2012-05-29DU-2722442 N River RoadMunroe Falls44262meth lab – residence / one pot
2012-06-0112-210325 StantonAkronmeth lab
2012-06-0112-211137 E. South StAkronmeth lab
2012-06-0512-217440 Bruner StAkronmeth lab
2012-06-05DU-2727240 E Highland RdMacedonia44056meth lab – one pot (hotel)
2012-06-0612-2181441 League StAkronmeth lab
2012-06-06402 Herms CourtBarberton44203meth lab
2012-06-06DU-27282255 Winter Pkwy #124Cuyahoga Falls44221meth lab – residence
2012-06-1012-220Emmit & KellyAkrondump site
2012-06-16DU-27293762 Lake VistaAkron44319meth lab – residence / one pot
2012-06-1812-2411244 Home AveAkrondump site
2012-06-1912-228Home & DevaleraAkrondump site
2012-06-2312-2291900 16th St SWAkronmeth lab
2012-06-2712-242Curtis & StantonAkrondump site
2012-06-2812-232Sumner & VorisAkrondump site
2012-06-2912-233502 Rothrock AveAkronmeth lab
2012-06-3012-236Front Street & City LimitsAkrondump site
2012-06-3012-234Broadway & SouthAkrondump site
2012-06-3012-235591 Lovers LaneAkrondump site
2012-07-02DU-27383400 Block of Wadsworth RdNorton44203dump site – one pot (roadside)
2012-07-0512-239625 WyandotAkronmeth lab
2012-07-0712-244a1213 1/2 Moore St (1211)Akronmeth lab
2012-07-0712-2441211 MooreAkronmeth lab
2012-07-0912-246Home & DevaleraAkrondump site
2012-07-1012-2451220 Grant StAkronmeth lab
2012-07-12DU-273292 1/2 14th Street NWBarberton44203meth lab – business / one pot
2012-07-1312-251114 Lake StAkronmeth lab
2012-07-1312-2502204 17th St SWAkronmeth lab
2012-07-13DU-2734Ries St & 21st St SWNorton44203dump site – (wooded area)
2012-07-13DU-273376 Barnes DrTallmadge44278meth lab – residence / one pot
2012-07-15DU-27355500 Block of Christman (Nimisila Park)Akronfound container – wooded area
2012-07-17DU-27393377 Dick St #5Mogadore44260meth lab – apartment / one pot
2012-07-1712-262528 StevensonAkron44312meth lab
2012-07-2412-265579 LakeviewAkrondump site
2012-07-25206 Southwest 35th StBarberton44203meth lab
2012-07-3012-27126 W EmerlingAkronmeth lab
2012-07-30DU-27423rd St & Oakwood DrCuyahoga Falls44221dump site – roadside
2012-07-3162 Northwest 22nd StBarberton44203meth lab – detatched garage
2012-08-0212-272Carnegie & ShorelineAkronbox lab
2012-08-04DU-27441868 Oakes Dr (Rear)Akron44312meth lab – residence / one pot
2012-08-0512-275Cordelia & SevillaAkrondump site
2012-08-0512-2731233 Sherman StAkron44301meth lab
2012-08-0512-274341 StevensonAkron44312meth lab
2012-08-07DU-2746500 Block of Apple DriveAkron44319dump site – roadside
2012-08-0912-277118 Berwyck Dr (garage)Akron44312meth lab
2012-08-1112-278272 Ira AveAkron44301meth lab
2012-08-13Monroe Falls & Klages RdTallmadge44278meth lab – vehicle
2012-08-1312-2801124 Ivor AveAkron44314meth lab
2012-08-16DU-27553782 NorthamptonCuyahoga Falls44224meth lab – residence / one pot
2012-08-1712-2831414 Geneva AveAkron44314meth lab
2012-08-1812-2841016 S Main StAkronmeth lab
2012-08-20DU-27562100 Block of McCoy RdNorton44320dump site – wooded area
2012-08-2212-287428 Lockwood (outside)Akronbox lab
2012-08-2212-286Derbydale & AntonAkrondump site
2012-08-22DU-27581569 Martha AveLakemore44250meth lab – residence
2012-08-2412-2881382 California (outside)Akrondump site
2012-08-2712-2891414 League StAkronmeth lab
2012-08-27DU-2761312 Grant AveCuyahoga Falls44221meth lab – out-building
2012-08-29DU-27632939 S Arlington #104Akron44312meth lab – motel room #104
2012-08-3112-2962400 KermitAkrondump site
2012-09-02DU-27642735 Adella AveAkron44312meth lab – residence
2012-09-0312-298893 Kohler AveAkronbox lab
2012-09-06DU-27666200 block of Grove RdNew Franklin44216dump site – wooded area
2012-09-0812-299Tonawanda & SumatraAkrondump site
2012-09-0912-3001344 Tonawanda AveAkronmeth lab
2012-09-1012-301260 Goodview Ave #AAkron44305meth lab
2012-09-1212-3021163 Janis AveAkrondump site
2012-09-2112-3051098 Princeton StAkronmeth lab
2012-09-2112-307442 Mathews StAkronmeth lab
2012-09-2812-3121382 California AveAkron
2012-09-2812-317696 Hazel StAkronactive
2012-09-2812-316215 W Long StAkrondump site
2012-09-2912-3186th & SharonAkrondump site
2012-10-0112-319345 Kenmore BlvdAkronmeth lab
2012-10-0212-320Hazel & Henry StAkron
2012-10-0312-321Dellenberger & Englewood AveAkron
2012-10-0412-325Johnston & Griffin CtAkron
2012-10-0412-323Dead End of BarderAkrondump site
2012-10-09near Wooster Rd W & Krancz DrBarberton44203dump site
2012-10-09560 1/2 E Ford AveBarberton44203meth lab – detached garage
2012-10-1012-336386 Vincent StAkronmeth lab
2012-10-1112-337787 E Wilbeth Rd #13Akronmeth lab
2012-10-1212-3381134 Neptune Ave (in front of)Akronactive lab
2012-10-1412-339Theodore & LakeshoreAkrondump site
2012-10-1412-340Christenson & FritchAkrondump site
2012-10-18DU-27881715 E Turkeyfoot Lake Rd (motel)Green44685meth lab
2012-10-2112-342191 S Rhodes Ave #1Akron
2012-10-2412-3461721 Adelaide BlvdAkronmeth lab
2012-10-2612-347633 Colfax PlAkrondump site
2012-10-2812-349100 Willard AveAkronChemical Stash
2012-10-28Front Street (wooded area)Cuyahoga Fallsdump site – wooded area
2012-10-3112-35211th & W Wilbeth AveAkronDump site
2012-11-0512-355736 Eastland Ave #AAkronmeth lab
2012-11-0612-35699 E Mapledale AveAkronmeth lab
2012-11-1012-35835 Dudley AveAkrondump site
2012-11-2012-368686 Hazel StAkronmeth lab
2012-11-2112-371E Market St & Mogadore RdAkron
2012-11-23DU-28041868 Oakes DrAkron44312meth lab – residence / one pot
2012-11-2712-3782268 Eastwood AveAkronmeth lab
2012-11-30DU-28013780 Orchard StreetMogadoremeth lab – residence / one pot
2012-11-30DU-27766961 Grove Road (detached garage)Clinton44216meth lab – garage / one pot
2012-12-01DU-2805Glenn St & Graceland Ave (outdoors)Barberton44203dump site – outdoor
2012-12-03DU-28062401 Ladd StreetAkron44312meth lab – residence / one pot
2012-12-0412-385Goodyear Blvd & Kelly AveAkrondump site
2012-12-04DU-2815South Main & BenderAkron44319dump site – one pot
2012-12-0512-387926 Chester AveAkronmeth lab
2012-12-05DU-2808E Waterloo & South MainAkron44301meth lab – vehicle / one pot
2012-12-07DU-28092522 State StCuyahoga Falls44223meth lab – residence / one pot
2012-12-09DU-2811128 W Summit StBarberton44203dump site – residence / one pot
2012-12-10DU-2812I 77 South Mile Post 140Bathmeth lab – vehicle / one pot
2012-12-1112-3932329 27th St SWAkronmeth lab
2012-12-1112-392768 Excelsior AveAkronmeth lab
2012-12-1312-3962441 7th St SWAkronmeth lab
2012-12-15DU-2817Canton Rd & RhoadesdaleAkron44312meth lab – vehicle / one pot
2012-12-16DU-28164600 Block of Cox Drive (wooded area)Stow44224dump site – wooded area / one pot
2012-12-18DU-28183000 Block of S Arlington RdAkron44312meth lab – vehicle / one pot
2012-12-1912-4092173 13th StAkrondump site
2012-12-1912-4082171 13th StAkronmeth lab
2012-12-2112-41065 Akers Ave #2Akronmeth lab
2012-12-23DU-28202927 South Main StreetAkron44319meth lab – outside trash / one pot
2012-12-25DU-2821476 E State Street (detacched garage)Barberton44203meth lab – detached garage / one pot
2012-12-27DU-2824900 Magnolia AveCuyahoga Falls44221meth lab – residence / one pot
2012-12-27528 FernwoodTallmadge44278meth lab – residence / one pot
2012-12-27DU-2822900 E Turkeyfoot Lake RoadAkron44319meth lab – residence / one pot
2012-12-2812-411224 E & Massillon RdAkronchemical stash
2012-12-29DU-28238700 N Bedford RdMacedonia44056meth lab – residence / one pot
2013-01-03DU-2827390 E HustonBarberton44203illegal assembly of chemicals
2013-01-07DU-2828640 CoveAkron44319meth lab o/p vehicle
2013-01-09DU-2831RT 8 NB & Howe AveCuyahoga Fallsmeth lab o/p dump site
2013-01-11DU-28341275 Norton Rd, Trailer C-9Norton44203meth lab o/p dump site
2013-01-11DU-28322800 block of S Arlington RdAkron44312illegal assembly of chemicals
2013-01-12DU-2838Brunk Rd & James AveAkron44312meth lab o/p dump site
2013-01-13DU-2836Grenfall Rd & S Cleveland MassillonNorton44203meth lab o/p dump site
2013-01-26DU-284115th St NW & Perry AveBarberton44203dump site o/p roadside
2013-01-27DU-284078 Fair Lane (mobile home)Akron44312meth lab o/p
2013-01-30DU-28444635 Wetmore RdBoston Twp.meth lab
2013-01-30DU-28431800 W Turkeyfoot Lake RdAkron44319meth lab o/p vehicle
2013-02-01DU-28453483 Wadsworth RdNorton44203meth lab dump site – back of property
2013-02-07DU-28462939 S Arlington Rd #233Akron44312meth lab o/p
2013-02-13DU-2851Cedar & RandAkron44307meth lab dump site
2013-02-13DU-28521755 Knox BlvdAkron44320meth lab dump site – wooded area
2013-02-15DU-2853169 E Brookside DrAkron44301meth possession – lab
2013-02-18DU-28554900 Block of Fishcreek RdStow44224meth lab o/p dump site – wooded area
2013-02-19DU-28581842 Lillian RdStow44224meth lab o/p residence
2013-02-20DU-2856134 W Warner RdAkron44319meth lab o/p residence
2013-02-23DU-28793608 State Road #125, Ranch MotelCuyahoga Falls44224manuf meth
2013-02-24DU-28613399 Barber Road (near soccer field)Norton44203meth lab o/p dump site
2013-02-24DU-2863104 Plaza Court (mobile home park)Akron44312meth lab o/p
2013-02-25DU-28624500 Block of Rex Hill RdNew Franklin44319meth lab o/p dump site
2013-03-01DU-28655891 Akron Cleveland RdHudson44236meth lab o/p
2013-03-06DU-2870300 block of S. MainMunroe Falls44262meth lab o/p vehicle
2013-03-06DU-2871300 block of LangAkron44319meth lab o/p vehicle
2013-03-07DU-28724092 Burton DrStow44224meth lab residence
2013-03-07DU-28693187 Walnut StGreen44232meth
2013-03-13DU-2874934 W Turkeyfoot Lake RdAkron44319trafficking meth – no lab
2013-03-14DU-2877600 Block of Moore Rd (roadside)Akron44319meth lab dump site
2013-03-15DU-28761393 Faymont DrHudson44236meth lab o/p residence & garage
2013-03-15DU-28785200 block of Manchester RdNew Franklin44319assembly of chem – vehicle
2013-03-20DU-28803901 State RdCuyahoga Falls44224manuf meth
2013-03-21DU-2881Northampton Rd & Steels CornerCuyahoga Falls44224manuf meth dump site o/p dump site
2013-03-24DU-28852112 Orchard LaneAkron44312manuf meth dump site
2013-04-06DU-2888538 W HopocanBarberton44203meth lab o/p dumpster
2013-04-07DU-2890Utica Ave & Hillstock AveAkron44312dump site o/p roadside
2013-04-08DU-28911240 Russell AveLakemore44250meth lab o/p
2013-04-14DU-2894Ontario & MyersvilleGreen44232meth lab dump site roadside
2013-04-14DU-28952939 S. Arlington #232 Red Roof InnAkron44312meth lab o/p
2013-04-17DU-28961442 Mac DrStow44224meth lab fire
2013-04-1913-140110 Lake StAkron44301dump site
2013-04-26DU-2901619 & Eastern RoadNew Franklin44203meth lab dump site
2013-04-26DU-2898340 E State StBarberton44203meth lab o/p
2013-04-28DU-2903494 Harding AveBarberton44203meth lab
2013-04-28DU-2902934 W Turkeyfoot Lake RdAkron44319meth lab o/p
2013-04-29DU-29044199 Massillon RdGreen44232illegal assembly of chem
2013-05-09DU-29084519 S Arlington RdUniontown44232trafficking in meth
2013-05-13DU-29091982 High StCuyahoga Falls44221manuf meth residence
2013-05-13DU-2918500 E Nimisila Rd, State ParkAkron44319meth lab o/p dump site
2013-05-15DU-2914865 Ghent Ridge RdAkron44333DMT Lab residence
2013-05-16DU-2913311 E Highland Rd, Motel 6 Rm# 119Macedonia44056meth lab o/p
2013-05-16DU-29162305 E Waterloo #35Akron44312manuf meth arson
2013-06-08DU-2922Rt 8 & Howe AveCuyahoga Falls44221manuf meth o/p vehicle
2013-06-26DU-29322095 23rd StCuyahoga Falls44221meth lab
2013-06-27DU-2931I-76 E at MM 29Tallmadge44278meth lab o/p vehicle
2013-06-28DU-29282149 Lake RoadAkron44312manuf meth o/p residence
2013-06-29DU-2930500 E Nimisila, State Park Site #17Akron44319meth lab o/p
2013-07-01DU-292974 Center RdAkron44319meth lab dump site roadside
2013-07-03DU-29331546 Front StLakemore44250meth lab
2013-07-25DU-29362449 4th StCuyahoga Falls44221meth lab residence
2013-07-30DU-29382135 Massillon RdAkron44312meth lab – construction area
2013-08-15DU-29402449 4th StCuyahoga Falls44221meth lab
2013-08-16DU-29443826 S ArlingtonGreen44685meth lab o/p residence
2013-08-27DU-29432700 Block of Vanderhoof RdNew Franklin44203meth lab o/p
2013-08-29DU-294588 25th St NWBarberton44203meth lab residential
2013-08-29DU-294625th St & PoeBarberton44203meth lab vehicle
2013-08-30DU-29471169 Battery B StAkron44305meth lab residential
2013-09-07DU-2951600 Blk of Steels CornersCuyahoga Falls44223meth lab dump site – under bridge
2013-09-14DU-29542807 Gowanda DrSpringfield Twp44312meth lab
2013-09-25DU-2955400 Blk Magnolia & MurrayCuyahoga Falls44221meth lab dump site – roadside
2013-09-26DU-2956South 5th & 1st AveClinton44216meth lab dump site – roadside
2013-09-29DU-2957290 Wooster Rd NBarberton44203meth lab dump site – behind building
2013-10-03DU-29628180 Cyrus LaneNorthfield44067meth lab, illegal assembly
2013-10-14DU-2964117 Lakota AveAkron44319meth lab, one pot, dump site
2013-10-20DU-29682805 Northland StCuyahoga Falls44221meth lab, garage
2013-10-25DU-29693820 Johnson RdNorton44203meth lab, detached garage
2013-10-25DU-2970Munroe Falls & Bailey RdCuyahoga Falls44221meth, vehicle
2013-11-09DU-29722800 Blk of ArlingtonAkron44312assembly of chem – vehicle
2013-12-04DU-29811000 Block of LambertBarberton44203one pot – along creek
2013-12-04DU-2983449 Howe AveCuyahoga Falls44221assembly of chem – vehicle
2013-12-07DU-2982North Haven & JeffersonCuyahoga Falls44221meth lab -vehicle
2013-12-11DU-2984667 Hopocan AveBarberton44203meth lab
2013-12-22DU-29852862 RevereCuyahoga Falls44223illegal assembly
2013-12-26DU-29863945 Holiday DrNorton44203one pot – residential
2013-12-27DU-29871500 block of Main StCuyahoga Falls44221dump site – near dumpster
2014-01-01DU-2989Byrd Ave & 21st StCuyahoga Falls44221meth lab – vehicle
2014-01-0214-006874 Donald Ave.Akron44306Clan Lab
2014-01-03DU-29901598 Front St Apt #3Cuyahoga Falls44221one pot – apartment
2014-01-03DU-29911542 Front St Apt #9Cuyahoga Falls44221one pot – apartment
2014-01-0414-0071357 Aster Ave.Akron44301Clan Lab
2014-01-06DU-29922275 Winter Pkwy #158Cuyahoga Falls44221one pot – apartment
2014-01-1314-010445 Palmetto Ave.Akron44301Clan Lab
2014-01-1414-01181 Stephens Rd. #2Akron44312Clan Lab
2014-01-14DU-29953149 Massillon Rd, GL Motel Rm #12Green44312one pot – motel/hotel
2014-01-1714-014756 Brown St.Akron44311Active Lab
2014-01-18DU-2997100 block of FlynnAkron44319one pot – residential
2014-01-2014-015420 Fuller Ave.Akron44306Clan Lab
2014-01-21DU-29993528 Carper AveAkron44312one pot – detached garage
2014-01-21DU-29984160 BurnwykeCopley Twp44321one pot – residential fire
2014-01-22DU-30011600 block Brittain RdAkron44310one pot – vehicle
2014-01-22DU-300056 Coach LaneAkron44312one pot – residential
2014-01-30DU-3008418 Snyder AveBarberton44203one pot – residential
2014-01-30DU-30071285 Hametown RdBath44333one pot – residential
2014-02-0314-023707 Elbon Ave.Akron44306Clan Lab
2014-02-0314-024202 Pocantico Ave.Akron44312Active Lab
2014-02-03DU-30102335 Greensburg RdGreen44685Inactive
2014-02-1014-0331197 Nestor Ave.Akron44314Clan Lab
2014-02-12DU-30151542 Front St. #9Cuyahoga Falls44221Inactive
2014-02-1914-038W. South St. & PennAkron44311Clan Lab
2014-02-2114-0341307 Nestor Ave.Akron44314Clan Lab
2014-03-0314-025206 Pocantico Ave.Akron44312Dump Site
2014-03-06DU-3025220 Marion AveAkron44312Inactive
2014-03-07DU-3027Johnson Road & Medina Line RdNorton44203Dump site
2014-03-0914-0561268 Kansas Ave.Akron44314Clan Lab
2014-03-0914-0931256 California Ave. #2Akron44314Dump Site
2014-03-1114-059165 Treetop Trail #AAkron44313Clan Lab
2014-03-1114-058W. Waterloo Rd. & EdwinAkron44314Traffic Stop – Clan Lab
2014-03-16DU-3031Derbydale Ave & Bruce RdAkron44306Dump site
2014-03-18DU-30303155 HillcrestNorton44203Inactive
2014-03-1914-0631256 California Ave. (Dumpster)Akron44314Dump Site
2014-03-2314-068720 Excelsior Ave.Akron44306Clan Lab
2014-03-2714-085669 Winans AveAkron44306Clan Lab
2014-03-3014-086810 Staeger StAkron44306Clan Lab
2014-04-02DU-30382682 Massillon RdAkron44312Inactive
2014-04-08DU-30474th St NW & Norton Ave.Barberton44203Inactive
2014-04-0814-0911189 Keys PlaceAkron44306Clan Lab
2014-04-0914-0941278 Kohler Ave.Akron44314Clan Lab
2014-04-1014-095652 Brown St.Akron44311Active Lab
2014-04-11DU-304317th St & HopocanBarberton44203Dump site
2014-04-11DU-3042807 Portage Lakes Drive Apt CAkron44319Inactive
2014-04-1314-096697 Allyn St. -DownAkron44311Clan Lab
2014-04-14DU-30481494 W. Waterloo Rd.Barberton44203Dump site
2014-04-14DU-3046Washburn Rd & Eastpointe DrTallmadge44278Dump site
2014-04-1414-0971570 Vernon Odom (Outside)Akron44320Clan Lab
2014-04-1514-099491 Mohawk Ave.Akron44305Clan Lab
2014-04-17DU-30491494 W. Waterloo Rd.Barberton44203Dump site
2014-04-1714-100138 South ArlingtonAkron44306Dump Site
2014-04-2014-1011900 Englewood Ave. -FrontAkron44312Dump Site
2014-04-2114-10287 Jewett St. #5Akron44305Clan Lab
2014-04-22DU-30521275 W. Bath Rd.Cuyahoga Falls44223Dump site
2014-04-23DU-30531275 W. Bath Rd.Cuyahoga Falls44223dump site
2014-04-24DU-3051700 Block W. Hopocan @ RR TracksBarberton44203dump site
2014-04-2414-106132 Lake St. -BehindAkron44301Dump Site
2014-04-2514-10786 Stull Ave.Akron44312Clan Lab
2014-04-28DU-305492 14th St. Apt EBarberton44203Active Lab
2014-04-2814-3449324 Cathedral Dr, Canal FultonCanal Fulton44216Inactive Lab
2014-05-0114-1101503 Paxton Ave.Akron44312Active Lab
2014-05-0314-111842 Berwin St.Akron44310Clan Lab
2014-05-04DU-30582800 Graybill RdUniontown44685Inactive Lab
2014-05-07DU-30611494 W. Waterloo Rd.Barberton44203Dump Site
2014-05-0714-1172295 10th St. SWAkron44314Clan Lab
2014-05-08DU-3063396 Newell StBarberton44203Active Lab
2014-05-0814-1272295 10th St. SWAkron44314Dump Site
2014-05-13DU-3066585 Hilltop TerraceTallmadge44278Inactive Lab
2014-05-1414-130763 Vernon Odom BlvdAkron44307Clan Lab
2014-05-1514-1282655 Shoreline Dr.Akron44314Traffic Stop – Clan Lab
2014-05-2114-136486 LamontAkron44305Clan Lab
2014-05-26DU-30713520 Hudson DriveStow44224Active Lab
2014-05-27DU-30691494 W. Waterloo RdBarberton44203Dump site
2014-05-2814-1391106 Lane St.Akron44307Clan Lab
2014-06-06DU-30772131 Copley Rd, Garage #17Copley Twp44320Inactive Lab – garage
2014-06-1014-1451226 Edison Ave. -OutsideAkron44301Dump Site
2014-06-1014-1441670 East Ave.Akron44314Active Lab
2014-06-1114-1483051 Forest Park Blvd.Akron44312Active Lab
2014-06-15DU-3085Howard Ave & Carper AveAkron44312Inactive Lab
2014-06-17DU-30861073 Waterloo RdBarberton44203Dump site
2014-06-1814-1491934 Pilgrim Ave.Akron44305Clan Lab
2014-06-272014-02561933 Wooster RdBarberton44203Active Lab – Barberton PD
2014-07-0214-155675 Elma St.Akron44310Clan Lab
2014-07-07DU-3095341 N. Monroe RdTallmadge44278Inactive Lab
2014-07-17DU3104619 @ Wooster AveBarberton44203Dump Site – 2 labs
2014-07-1714-166950 Flanders Ave.Akron44314Active Lab
2014-07-22DU-310890 ElmwoodTallmadge44278Inactive Lab
2014-07-2314-167122 Lake St.Akron44301Active Lab
2014-07-2414-1731111 W. Wilbeth Rd.Akron44314Active Lab
2014-07-2614-17186 Stull Ave.Akron44312Clan Lab
2014-08-0414-177187 Jewett St.Akron44305Clan Lab
2014-08-06DU-31191922 Massillon RdAkron44312Inactive Lab
2014-08-0614-1782545 31st St. SWAkron44314Clan Lab
2014-08-13DU-312353 Brown StreetBarberton44203Inactive Lab
2014-08-1914-185668 Reed Ave.Akron44306Clan Lab
2014-08-2014-186700 Westpoint Ave.Akron44310Clan Lab
2014-08-23DU-3130336 N. Main Street #4Munroe Falls44262Inactive Lab
2014-08-2514-188596 Gibbs Rd.Akron44312Clan Lab
2014-09-0514-194602 Talbot Ave.Akron44306Clan Lab
2014-09-12DU-3137640 Cove BlvdAkron44319Active Lab
2014-09-13DU-31475487 Sullivan RdHudson44236Inactive Lab
2014-09-1414-2031182 Mt. Vernon Ave.Akron44310Dump Site
2014-09-22DU-31431024 Onondago TrailAkron44312Inactive Lab
2014-09-2514-2061927 16th St SWAkron44314Clan Lab
2014-09-29DU-3150146 1st St NWBarberton44203Active Lab
2014-09-3014-2071176 Mt. Vernon Ave.Akron44310Clan Lab
2014-10-03DU-3152Sadler St & Crestline DrAkron44312Dump site – woods
2014-10-10DU-3155244 E. PaceAkron44319Inactive Lab
2014-10-15DU-31582831 McElwainAkron44312Inactive Lab
2014-10-19DU-31592000 Block of Monroe Falls AveCuyahoga Falls44221Dump site – woods
2014-10-24DU-31611800 Block of 17th StCuyahoga Falls44223Dump site
2014-10-28DU-3167Wooster Rd & MayAveBarberton44203Inactive Lab
2014-11-08DU-31912100 Block of Massillon rd & Boyer PkwyAkron44312Dump site – 4 one-pots
2014-11-14DU-31722989 N. Turkeyfoot Lake RdAkron44319Inactive
2014-11-15DU-3178Logan PkwyAkron44319Dump site
2014-11-2414-2271085 Eastland Ave.Akron44305Clan Lab
2014-11-29DU-3164Cove Blvd & Manchester RdAkron44319Dump site – 6 one pot labs
2014-12-0114-229512 Harvey Ave.Akron44314Clan Lab
2014-12-01DU-3180310 Moore RdAkron44319Inactive Lab
2014-12-0214-2301188 Keys PlaceAkron44306Clan Lab
2014-12-03DU-3177304 Wooster RdBarberton44203Active & Inactive
2014-12-0714-2321447 Hite St.Akron44314Clan Lab
2014-12-11DU-3183E. Waterloo @ SR 77Akron44319Assembly of Chemicals
2014-12-15DU-31863145 Massillon RdAkron44312Inactive Lab
2014-12-19DU-3194900 State Mill RdAkron44319Inactive Lab
2014-12-26DU-3192Pawnee @ Oswego AveLakemore44250Asembly of Chemicals
2014-12-27DU-3193Myersville Rd @ OntarioUniontown44685Dump site
2014-12-3014-243236 Watson -UpAkron44305Clan Lab
2015-01-0515-0021000 Morningview AveAkron44305Active Lab
2015-01-09DU-3198984 Milo White @ ShadybrookAkron44312Active Lab
2015-01-09DU-3197906 Crestline Dr.Akron44312Inactive Lab
2015-01-09DU-31961067 Abington RdAkron44312Inactive Lab
2015-01-12DU-31951557 Raymond AveLakemore44250Inactive Lab – 21 one-pots
2015-01-16DU-32002794 Ithica AveAkron44312Inactive Lab
2015-02-1115-018249 Oberlin CtAkron44311Clan Lab
2015-02-1715-019663 Thayer StAkron44310Clan Lab
2015-02-2315-0261289/1304 Kellogg Ave.Akron44314Clan Lab / Dump Site
2015-02-2315-0231299 Kellogg Ave.Akron44314Dump Site
2015-03-0515-0311159 Flanders Ave.Akron44314Clan Lab
2015-03-1215-0381349 Arnold AveAkron44305Clan Lab
2015-03-1315-0391000 Morningview Ave.Akron44305Clan Lab
2015-03-13DU-3223Pawnee Blvd @ Gowanda DrAkron44312Dump site
2015-03-1315-0402318 21st StAkron44314Dump Site
2015-03-14DU-3224997 Utica AveAkron44312Inactive Lab
2015-03-1515-043596 Gibbs Ave (Outhside)Akron44312Traffic Stop
2015-03-1515-0421713 Copley Rd (outside)Copley Twp44320Clan Lab
2015-03-1815-04739 W. York StAkron44310Dump Site
2015-03-18DU-32262785 Sanitarium RdAkron44312Dump Site
2015-03-19DU-3228McTaggart Rd @ Mac DrStow44224Dump Site
2015-03-2015-048214 N. Portage Path #9Akron44303Clan Lab
2015-03-2315-051593 Wilson St.Akron44311Clan Lab
2015-03-2315-050600 S. Canton Rd.Akron44312Clan Lab
2015-04-0515-056131 Palmetto AveAkron44301Clan Lab
2015-04-06DU-32324831 Massillon Rd (North Canton)Green44720Inactive Lab
2015-04-07DU-3231Paul Place & Wooster RdBarberton44203Dump Site
2015-04-1215-066808 Jason AveAkron44314
2015-04-12DU-32362984 Manchester Rd #3Akron44319Inactive Lab
2015-04-14DU-3241700 Block of W. Hopocan BlvdBarberton44203Dump site
2015-04-1415-061220 Barder Ave.Akron44305Clan Lab
2015-04-1615-062198 E. Archwood AveAkron44301Clan Lab
2015-04-1615-063609 Stanley Rd.Akron44312Clan Lab
2015-04-16DU-323878 Fair LaneAkron44312Inactive Lab
2015-04-17DU-323974 Fair LaneAkron44312Inactive Lab
2015-04-2315-069227 E. Tallmadge AveAkron44312Clan Lab
2015-04-2815-075609 Stanley Rd.Akron44312Clan Lab
2015-04-29DU-32502483 Bailey RdCuyahoga Falls44221Inactive Lab
2015-05-04DU-32511953 Myersville RdAkron44312Active Lab
2015-05-1415-085320 Para AveAkron44305Clan Lab
2015-05-1615-0862147 East Ave – Parking lotAkron44314Clan Lab
2015-05-1815-0881937 13th St SWAkron44314Clan Lab
2015-05-26DU-3258158 Swartz RdAkron44319Inactive Lab
2015-05-28DU-3259200 Block Irish AlleyBarberton44203Inactive Lab
2015-05-2915-0911150 Walton DriveAkron44313Clan Lab
2015-06-05DU-32642305 E. Waterloo Rd #28Akron44312Inactive Lab
2015-06-1215-097209 Pfeiffer Ave.Akron44312Chemical Stash
2015-06-1615-0991119 Johnston St. #6Akron44305Clan Lab
2015-06-19DU-3273240 E. Highland RdMacedonia44056Inactive Lab
2015-06-26DU-32842800 Block S. ArlingtonAkron44312Assembly of Chemicals
2015-07-2715-106293 N. Martha #5Akron44305Clan Lab
2015-08-0215-1091022 Independence AveAkron44310Clan Lab
2015-08-0515-1121175 Arlington St (Parking Lot)Akron44306Chemical Stash
2015-08-1015-111354 N. Adams St.Akron44304Clan Lab
2015-08-1215-117430 Frazier AveAkron44305Clan lab
2015-08-1415-120779 Anderson Ave. #6Akron44306Clan Lab
2015-08-2815-1252249 10th StAkron44314Clan Lab
2015-09-1715-1301111 Sutherland AveAkron44314Clan Lab
2015-09-2215-1312208 15th St. SW (995 Kenmore Blvd)Akron44314Dump Site
2015-09-2515-134495 Larkin Ave.Akron44305Active Lab
2015-09-2615-1372388 Congo St.Akron44312Active Lab
2015-10-01DU-3304North 6th Ave @ RR TracksClinton44216Dump Site
2015-10-08DU-3305926 CrestlineAkron44312Inactive Lab
2015-10-1415-141381 Buckingham St.Akron44306Clan Lab
2015-10-15DU-33093946 Fishcreek Rd B-16Stow44224Inactive Lab
2015-10-22DU-3310Delaware & Hilbish AveAkron44312Dump site
2015-11-1915-1511140 Hinman Ct.Akron44301Clan Lab
2015-11-2115-1521346 newton St.Akron44305Clan Lab
2015-11-23DU-3322Hohman & N. Turkeyfoot Lake RdAkron44319Dump site
2015-11-2815-153770 Ravenswood St.Akron44306Clan Lab
2015-12-26DU-3333468 E. Caston RdAkron44319Inactive – 2 one-pots
2016-01-0416-00190 Nickel StAkron44303Clan Lab
2016-01-0616-0031304 Childs Ave.Akron44314Clan Lab
2016-01-1016-0081883 Marigold Ave.Akron44301Clan Lab
2016-01-17DU-33373200 Block of Mogadore RdMogadore44260Dump site
2016-01-26DU-33411137 Smithfarm AveAkron44305Inactive Lab
2016-01-2716-0181071 W. ExchangeAkron44302Clan Lab
2016-01-2916-0201347 Andrus St.Akron44301Clan Lab
2016-01-2916-0191340 Andrus StAkron44301Clan Lab
2016-01-29DU-3345S Arlington Rd @ LinmarGreen44720Dump site
2016-02-18DU-3351Albrecht Ave & Taylor AveAkron44312Active Lab
2016-02-2316-025737 Druid Walk #AAkron44306Clan Lab
2016-02-24DU-3357149 2nd St SWBarberton44203Inactive Lab- residence & garage
2016-02-2416-026963 Inman StAkron44305Clan Lab
2016-02-2416-027459 GridleyAkron44306Dump Site
2016-02-24DU-33591922 Ronald RoadAkron44312Inactive Lab
2016-02-2516-030293 N. Martha Ave #2Akron44305Clan Lab
2016-02-25DU-3352Massillon Rd & Gergory DrAkron44312Dump site – 2 one-pots
2016-03-07DU-33681307 BentonBarberton44203Inactive Lab
2016-03-2316-04046 Verdun Dr.Akron44312Clan Lab
2016-03-24DU-3370Wunderlich @ W. HopocanBarberton44203Dump site
2016-03-2916-045244 Darrow Rd.Akron44305Clan Lab
2016-03-3116-048630 Stetler Ave.Akron44312Clan Lab
2016-04-01DU-3372US 76 @ SR 532Tallmadge44278Dump site
2016-04-08DU-33765281 s. Hametown RdNorton44203Inactive Lab – 21 one pots garage/shed/apt
2016-04-08DU-3377619 & Dusty RdAkron44319Dump site
2016-04-1016-049884 Sherman St.Akron44311Clan Lab
2016-04-14DU-3380103 OakwoodBarberton44203Dump site
2016-04-1416-052263 S. Arlington St.Akron44306Clan Lab
2016-04-1616-055661 Carpenter St.Akron44310Clan Lab
2016-04-19DU-3383Coach Lane & Canton RdAkron44312Inactive Lab
2016-04-2116-057456 McGowan StAkron44306Clan Lab
2016-04-25DU-3384Rolling Meadows & Pressler RdAkron44312Inactive Lab
2016-04-29DU-33862969 Arcadia RdAkron44312Inactive Lab
2016-05-1316-067465 S. Canton Rd.Akron44312Dump Site
2016-05-22DU-33953945 HolidayNorton44203Inactive Lab – 40 one pots in attic
2016-06-1616-0752033 Eastlawn Ave.Akron44305Clan Lab
2016-07-01DU-34021755 Knox BlvdCopley Twp44320Inactive Lab – 3 one-pots
2016-07-1216-079765 Tallkron Dr.Akron44305Active Lab
2016-08-05DU-34173351 CormanyAkron44319Inactive Lab
2016-08-1816-0922058 Newton StAkron44305Clan Lab
2016-11-1616-1181246 Edison Ave.Akron44301Dump Site
2016-11-17DU-34343416 Albrecht AveAkron44312Inactive Lab – 17 one-pots


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