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All Scumbags that have been featured on Scumbagged.com can be found here.  These are site-wide articles that fall into all categories.  You can also search by individual states from using the navigation and using the drop down option above.

Ward 14 City Council Election Heating Up – Citron Campaign Facing Intimidation, Threats (Cleveland,Ohio)

The city council seat for Ward 14 in Cleveland, Ohio, between Nelson Citron and Jasmin Santana isn't shaping up to be your typical election....
Jasmin Santana

Jasmin Santana Exposed – 14th Ward Candidate’s Financial & Legal Woes (Clevend, Ohio)

Hailed as the heroine who is going to rescue Ward 14 from the clutches of Brian Cummins, many still want to know "What's the...
Harbor Light Saga

The Harbor Light Saga – Flooding, Misconduct & Torture (Cleveland, Ohio)

In new user submissions dated the 4th and 5th of September clients of the Harbor Light half-way house in Cleveland, Ohio are continuously being...

Caitilin Anderson – The Backpage Whore Turned Into A Monster (Wellington, Ohio)

Caitilin Anderson has been getting used and abused for a long time, going on almost 5 years to be precise.  Her heroin addiction helped...
Dwayne White

Dwayne White – The Sociopathic Sexual Deviant (Broadview Heights, Ohio)

Hey Scumbagged this guys name is Dwayne White, he's a 53 year old sociopathic sexual deviant from Broadview Heights, Ohio.  Dwayne has been living...
Senator Tom Patton

Senator Tom Patton Exposed – Corruption, Bribery, Kickbacks & His Bid For Congress (Strongsville,...

Since taking office, Senator Tom Patton has mastered the ability to keep the public unaware of a great multitude of potential scandals and wrong-doings...
Maggie & Annie

Maggie & Annie Riess – Sisters, Backpage Whores, Rats & Murder (Cleveland, Ohio)

Maggie & Annie Riess are twin sisters from Cleveland, Ohio.  Both girls are Backpage whores & have been featured on the website to arrange...

Attorney Makes False Promises For Cash – Joseph Gardner (Canfield, Ohio)

Joseph Gardner, an attorney in Canfield, Ohio, has been practicing the law for 40 years come this November.  Perhaps it's time for him to...
Anthony Tursivio, a serial womanizer

The Violent Maniac & Master Manipulator – Anthony Tursivio (Lakewood,Ohio)

Anthony M. Tursivio is a violent maniac & master manipulator.  In the past he's snapped, throwing bricks & stabbing one girlfriend and even went...
Richard Humphrey, a pimp & convicted sex-offender.

Richard Humphrey – A Sex Offender, Pimp & Career Criminal (Cleveland, Ohio)

Richard Humphrey of Lorain, Ohio, is a menace to society.  He's been to Federal & State Prison numerous times and has a lengthy rap...


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