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Duane “Dirty Dick” Doherty – A Physical, Mental & Emotional Nightmare for All Women (Carmel, NY)


CARMEL, NY – Duane Doherty cheated, abused me physically, emotionally and verbally. He pretends to be a nice normal guy. He pretends to be in a monogamous relationship with you, makes you do everything for him and his family, cheated and gave me STD’s.  Duane “Dirty Dick” Doherty won’t use condoms so be aware. He will act all consistent calling and texting everyday but he’s cheating with numerous women behind your back at all times. He will flip out if you show up at his house, doesn’t take you you most events with his “friends,” and “neighbors.”

If you want STDs and you want to be abused. It won’t happen the first month but it will happen. Men like that don’t change no matter how much they pretend otherwise. He uses and abuses women. The medical records show his STDs and he admitted to it in writing. Men that physically hurt you don’t change. There are plenty of pictures of the bruises and cuts he inflicted on me over the years and everyone that knew me and worked me with saw them.

HAWK Says:  Duane, Duane, Duane… What’s wrong with you man?  It’s bad enough to be a pig, but to do the things you’ve done is just unfathomable.  

Duane Doherty

He’s hiding what he is and it’s wrong. He hurts women. He lies about his past and his future plans and pretends to want a future with you. He makes promises of things he will do with you but they don’t happen. There’s a reason why he’s 46 and has never been married. He screamed at me all the time, insulted me, physically assaulted me, left bruises and cuts, called his mom who he’s living off of, sister crystal and both nieces cunts behind their backs. He will start out all nice and consistent. He hides it for a long time. He is not a good guy. Even his tenants saw the girls he cheated with. Don’t believe his lies and don’t let him hurt you.

Duane Doherty

After cheating on me, physically assaulting me, all I have to say is find an honest man who doesn’t enjoy hurting women. Duane is in Carmel and Hawthorne. He will move to Florida eventually. His cousins live there. He is what he is. I wish I had known and wish I hadn’t trusted him.


SCUMBAGGED Tip:  You know the saying always goes that you really don’t know who you’re with until you’ve lived with them for about 3 months.  Unfortunately Duane is the very reason why this saying was made.  Ladies beware.




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