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Alicia Gainey – Little Lithonia THOT Prostitute Caught Spreading Herpes (Lithonia, GA)


LITHONIA, GA – Alicia Gainey is an 18 year old prostitute who has been spreading herpes from Albany GA to Lithonia GA.  Alicia Gainey has been found on numerous websites from Locanto, SkipTheGames and even Escort Babylon.  Her profiles are recent even though her activity has been primarily kept to face to face contact or through Facebook.  Her Facebook messenger and Instagram accounts are also hot spots for her THOT like behavior.

She is willing to do anything for a $, literally.  One time I saw it with my own eyes when a guy and his homie gave her $20 and she did whatever they wanted.  I’m talking all the ranges of services here from bareback creampie, double penetration (she did that with the two guys for $20) to BBBJ (bareback blow job) hell she even does greek (anal) for $20, this escort/thot/prostitute, whatever you want to call her will and has done it all.  Ever since she turned 18 she just turned the hell up.  She’s on some other shit and needs to be stopped.  This isn’t healthy and isn’t right and she needs to come back on down to reality and recognize that she has her whole life ahead of her still…

You wouldn’t ever think that she would be the type of person to do things like this until you actually get to know her.  From the outside looking in she’s just a normal typical girl living her life, going to school and looking towards college.  But underneath and deep down inside she is just a lonely sad fatherless girl who doesn’t care about anyone or anything other than herself.

One time Alicia had to go to the urgent care because she thought she had a urinary tract infection, that was the first time that she found out that she had herpes.  Instead of informing her partners and telling anyone that she is about to have sex with of the risks, she entirely avoids it and passes it along.

COBRA Says:  Some people like Alicia have bad upbringings that cause mental defects in their thought process which causes things like this to happen.  It’s sad, but probably a result of her mother or father.

The Bottom Line

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  A thot’s a thot, this is what we see here, best advice is to just wrap it up whenever you decide to shoot your shot with this one.


  1. You are FULLY responsible for the content that you put on your fucking page!! And you will be held responsible. Just like that piece of shit Rick Horvath that submitted a man’s daughter for the pleasure of his pride because his heroin addict wife and him are trying to destroy reputations. But I assure you!! That if you don’t take my teenage daughters likeness off of your page it will be hell to pay. Keep absolving yourself of responsibility of you like. You’re culpable in every way!!

    • 🧐If you are the father…where was this energy a while ago when she was messing around 🤨last time I checked the article says she is 18…should have did your job 18 years ago she’s grown now

  2. LMBO😂 I live in Lithonia these girls here need help. I cannot stop laughing. 🤣Hope she is in jail for spreading this nonsense. Lock her butt up!

  3. These are pictures and the location of a minor at the time. This article is not only spreading sexually explicit lies, but they are also spreading locations and pictures of a person who was under 18 at the time.

    • She was an adult when this was posted. Her father groomed her from a young age. Carlos Gainey should be held accountable. Take your complaints up with her “daddy”.


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